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by Jackie Dale

Last month I began installing cameras so that I will be able to see the miscreants whose twisted sense of what is the right thing to do leads them to drop off cats on my property. All sides of the property will be covered, so hopefully no one will be tempted to dump their cats on me any longer.


by Brandi Sherman

A few weeks ago there was a plea on Facebook about an area in downtown behind Fresno City Hall and a colony of kitties that were in need of TNR—trap neuter and return which is best policy for the colony’s health and brings a halt to the reproduction and more homeless cats. I decided to take on the task and headed out to meet with the feeder.


by Cynthia Chow
& Deborah Blake

Maybe buying a pet shelter – spur of the moment, sight unseen – wasn’t the best idea. But Kari Stuart had recently gotten out of a bad marriage, was about to turn thirty, and oh yes, had just won a five-million-dollar lottery. At a loss what to do next in her life, it took finding a stray kitten and discovering that all of the local pet shelters were overflowing their capacities to propel her into to making such an impulsive decision.


by Paula Hunsaker

Sweet Tiara was pulled from CCSPCA, a high-kill shelter. Tiara had kittens with her when she came to the shelter. While there, another rescue pulled Tiara’s kittens, but left Tiara behind. When I was at the shelter, I noticed that Tiara had been tagged on her kennel card to be pulled at the end of the day to be euthanized. She was out of time at the shelter because she had been with kittens and would require additional time at the shelter before she could be spayed. A female cat that had been nursing kittens requires a longer time in between being a nursing mother cat and being spayed as her milk needs to dry up before a spay procedure.

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by Kathleen Costa
& Eileen Watkins

It’s been a little over two years since twenty-something Cassie McGlone escaped a difficult relationship and moved to Chadwick, New Jersey, opening Cassie’s Comfy Cats, a down-to-earth, no uppity frills cat grooming and boarding business. Housed in an older two-story home, the ground floor has grooming stations, a playroom, and several cat condos for the extended stay. Her assistant Sarah Wilcox, a retired high school teacher, is a good friend for listening and offering advice as well as being an invaluable “extra pair of hands.”


by Jackie Dale

This past month, the cat business has been brisk. At the top of the list of things to do is the installation of security cameras. Two large male cats showed up in my yard about a month ago. I believe them to be male because they have those typical softball-sized heads. I’m not sure they arrived together because they don’t seem to like each other. So far efforts to trap them have proved futile.

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Cat By the Tracks: Smudge & Kittens

IN THE February 20 ISSUE

FROM THE 2021 Articles,
andAnimal Rescue Adventures

by Jeremy Goodrich

Meet Smudge! This sweet adult cat was unfortunately surrendered to our veterinarian in Santa Cruz. Of course, we said yes to putting her in our foster system and finding her a loving home. Her official owner had passed away, and the husband surrendered Smudge because it made him think of his wife who had passed away. Smudge has been in our foster system for about a month, and has been doing great.

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by Jackie Dale

This time last month I was up to my eyeballs in cats and kittens. Noodles, Klinger, and Vivienne were no longer containable in the bathtub, and my husband, though extremely tolerant of sharing the bathroom, was growing weary of their antics. There was the usual unrolling of the toilet paper, scattering of cat litter on the floor, and the emptying of the waste basket onto the floor, but when they started jumping on the legs of the unlucky seated person, things got serious. I clipped all their sharp little claws, but they were still inflicting scratches on those brave enough to enter. We have two bathrooms, but the second one is small and also had a cat in it.


Cats By The Tracks

IN THE January 16 ISSUE

FROM THE 2021 Articles,
andAnimal Rescue Adventures,
andLorie Lewis Ham

by Lorie Lewis Ham

KRL would like to welcome local animal rescue Cats By The Tracks to KRL’s growing list of animal rescue columns. Their first column will go up next month, but we took some time this month to get to know them a little better. We chatted with their coordinator Jeremy Goodrich. Jeremy helps rescue animals, find foster families, and approve adoptions. He also manages their social media and website, as well as their donation platform. Cats By The Tracks is currently located in Fresno, as well as Santa Cruz County. They have adoption centers throughout California, and rescue animals from all over California.


by Jackie Dale

One of my foster people, a lovely young woman with a heart the size of the moon, passed away recently from complications of Covid. We are devastated at the loss of such a vibrant life and this column is dedicated to you, Leann Schmidt. Your love of animals was clearly evident in your actions to help save and foster. You will be greatly missed by all who knew and loved you. You will always live on in our fond memories.


by Mary Jane Zissoff

We are two artists who care about animal welfare and The Cat House On The Kings and wanted to do something to help.
Magda Szabo is a celebrated and awarded miniature painter. Magda has successfully marketed over 700 paintings of miniatures at the Village Gallery in Maui, Hawaii.

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by Jackie Dale

I’m starting this column with some updates from last month. The starving cat TNR project was completed and the relocation of the cats was successful. F. Scott, who had to have his tail amputated after evil children lit a firecracker on it, went to rescue. I don’t usually ask for updates on the cats I send to rescue but F. Scott was a special cat. He was adopted almost immediately! I had no doubts; he had a stellar personality.


by Harvie Schreiber

At The Cat House on the Kings, our goal is to place the right cat or kitten in just the right home, and we’re always thrilled to receive adopter feedback that lets us know that we were successful. On the 4th of July, under the “rockets’ red glare,” a sweet kitten named Crackers was born. He was abandoned by his mother and rescued at four days old. His foster mom said he was a “fire cracker” and the name “Crackers” stuck.

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by Jackie Dale

This month I begin my column with my current project, an eight-cat TNR in a nearby town. However in this case, the “R” will stand for “relocate.” Why? Because the cats were literally being starved to death. The story goes that an elderly woman had been feeding a small groups of cats at her home. The woman recently passed away. The daughter kept feeding the cats. Then one of the cats had kittens. Her siblings told her to stop feeding the cats so they “will go away.” Now for purposes of clarification, these siblings live in another part of the state so why they would even be so interested is puzzling.

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