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How I Failed My Way into Writing Books

by David Aljuni

March 24, 2021. My family and I were enjoying dinner after a show. I was working two jobs at the time, plus making my first feature film. After years of planning, I had shot most of it with the best cast anyone could have asked for, and magic had been made. I had brought my laptop and hard drive with me, hoping I could get some more editing done in the three-and-a-half-hour drive both to and from the show, but we were all in the moment and enjoying each other's company, so no editing had been done thus far on the trip.

Lost Coast Literary By Ellie Alexander: Review/Giveaway/Guest Post

by Kathleen Costa
& Ellie Alexander

Emily Bryant is excited about pitching her first book at a major New York publishing house. Growing up she loved editing her favorite books making notes and even suggesting new endings, so it’s a dream come true. However, her boss has dashed her hopes: Pass. Maybe next time. Could the day get any worse? She’s been ignoring calls from her estranged uncle, so he decided to give her the bad news via text.

Interview With Local Chef Jon Koobatian

by Lorie Lewis Ham

This week we have a video interview with local chef Jon Koobatian. Jon grew up in Dinuba, and went on to be the owner and head chef at Jon's Bear Club in Reedley. He recently published a cookbook and has been doing some local book events and cooking demonstrations. We will be reviewing Jon's book in the near future, and giving away a copy, so be sure to watch for that! Info on his upcoming event at Woodward Library in Fresno both in the video and below.

Escape From Myself: A Manic-Depressive’s Journey to Nowhere By Tom Roberts

by Maricela Estrada-Moreno

Escape From Myself: A Manic-Depressive’s Journey to Nowhere, eloquently written by Tom Roberts, is an inspirational memoir of a man’s battle with manic depression and the courage that leads him to a path of mental health recovery. This is an amazing book that demonstrates the true meaning of hope and recovery for those living with manic depression also known as Bipolar Disorder.

Q & A With Local Children’s Author Jean Chaffee

by Lorie Lewis Ham

KRL will be interviewing several local authors over the next several months and this week we are interviewing children's book author Jean Chaffee, who is the wife of the late Dr. Paul Chaffee who was the Fresno Chaffee Zoo vet for 30 years and the zoo director for 25 years. The zoo was named in honor of him at his time of passing. Her books are based on fun, true stories about beloved zoo animals located at the Chaffee Zoo.

LitHop 2017: Ghosts, Wombs, and Crazy Moons

by Sarah A. Peterson-Camacho

LitHop 2017, an annual literary festival founded last year by former Fresno Poet Laureate Lee Herrick as a fundraiser for the Fresno Arts Council’s poetry programs, kicked off last Saturday, April 29, in an array of venues around Fresno’s Tower District. Forty diverse readings spread out over five hours, featuring the work of more than 150 writers, explored themes of love, hate, sex, violence, politics, motherhood, cultural identity and heritage, and feminism.

Living a Life of Confidence: A Journey through Philippians

by Tom Sims

We so often stagger through life encumbered with the pressures of everyday problems and phantom concerns. We are sensitive to slightest slight and the subtlest gesture. We are quick to take offense and slow to receive healing when offended, much less to extend forgiveness. We step gingerly into new experiences and tremble at the very suggestion of risk or danger. We take our cues about our self-concepts from other people’s words and evaluations. We speak our minds and hearts with question marks. We timidly go where many have gone before and wouldn’t think of venturing where none have trod.



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