Terrific Tales

Cyclists Hit the Road: A Mystery Short Story

by Mary Jo Robertiello

Patty stepped off the curb at Second Ave and Fourteenth Street. A bike headed the wrong way crashed into her left thigh. She keeled over. As the biker sped down Second, Patty lay on the street circled by concerned citizens taking iPhone shots and mouthing platitudes. She kept her mouth shut. Did he hit her on purpose? Who cares? He hit her. Two buxom traffic cops took their time disengaging from their cells before strolling over.

The Sleuthing Silvers and The Mystery of the Missing Reading Glasses: Mystery Short Story

by Ron Katz

“Have you seen my reading glasses, Barb?” inquired Bernie Silver.
“Which of your twelve pairs?” asked Barb Silver with a sigh. Bernie’s wife of thirty years and his business partner in Silver Investigations since the company’s founding five years ago, Barb had fielded this inquiry from Bernie many times. They had met when both were investigators for Alpha Insurance Company.

A Rat’s Tale, Remembering Magawa

by Pamela Ebel

“You did well in your previous life, my friend.”
Magawa looked up into the smiling face of the King of Rats, who sat in an ancient rocking chair made of teeth-hewn cypress. As he rocked, the Rat King looked at those assembled around, he and Magawa, who thought there must have been hundreds of other rats staring at him.

The Home Front: A Short Story

by John M. Floyd

Dear Margaret,
Arrived at Elmendorf on Friday. Barracks are okay, but it’s sure not as good as home. Miss you already.
Enjoying the scenery. When the weather’s clear you can see Mt. McKinley (Denali), and it’s 150 miles away. Drove around some yesterday, saw a real moose. Will send pictures.



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