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Fresno Bully Rescue: Blaze


FROM THE 2021 Articles,
andAnimal Rescue Adventures

by Terese Shaw

It’s time for me to move on. I’m going to write this fancy resume and hope it helps me find a forever home.
Name: Blake aka Blazer Blazy or Big Boy Blaze.
Age: Perfect…Ok, I’m almost four which means I’m out of the puppy stage.


by Cynthia Chow

After two decades of teaching English to Portland high school students and taking early retirement, Gwen Franklin had an abundance of free time and a best friend determined to make use of it. While the five – or maybe six – time divorcee and business mogul Nora Goldstein definitely didn’t need the income, she was able to convince her bestie of over five decades to form the pet-sitting and pet-walking Two sisters Pet Valet Services.

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by Stephanie Cameron

2020 was a difficult year for many people around the world, but even during a pandemic there are animals that need saving. Rattie Ratz Rescue is incredibly grateful that during a time of great difficulty and sorrow the support for our work and our rats never ceased. We are now a year into the pandemic and Rattie Ratz was able to help many rat owners in need thanks to this unending support. Many pet owners had to move or took large financial cuts, so there were a lot of pets needing to be rehomed. Rat owners have fewer resources and for many of these people, Rattie Ratz Rescue was their last hope.

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by Lee Juslin

Fast Eddie was adopted from a Cairn breeder as a puppy by a couple who really wanted him. However, his vet bills eventually became too much for his family, so, sadly, they surrendered him to Col. Potter Cairn Terrier Rescue Network (CP).

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The Stinky Save


FROM THE 2021 Articles,
andMaria Ruiz,

by Maria Ruiz

While living in Mexico, I struggled with the language. We lived in a Mexican neighborhood and the kids all knew me as “‘The American Lady.” I was invited to join in all street events and into one home where they spoke a little English. One day, as I was working outside in the small garden, two little boys ran up to my gate. “Lady, lady, bla bla bla” That’s what I understood but their agitation and their pointing down the street, made me want to find out what was so important. I walked down the street and the boys continued trying to tell me something.


Mell’s Mutts: Lucky Vita


FROM THE 2021 Articles,
andAnimal Rescue Adventures

by Elayne Gonzalez

We would like to tell you a story about a very special, and some will say, very lucky little girl. Vita is only about a year old and weighs maybe seven pounds now. She’s very young and small but oh boy, has she already lived an eventful life.


by Jackie Dale

Last month I began installing cameras so that I will be able to see the miscreants whose twisted sense of what is the right thing to do leads them to drop off cats on my property. All sides of the property will be covered, so hopefully no one will be tempted to dump their cats on me any longer.


The Magic of Cats


FROM THE 2021 Articles,
andMysteryrat's Maze,

by Clea Simon

Sometimes, the lack of a reaction tells you more than any startled gasp ever could. That’s what I’m realizing now that my A Cat on the Case, the third Witch Cat of Cambridge cozy mystery, makes its way to readers. The big shock? Cat people aren’t surprised by the idea that cats have magical powers. It’s as if they already knew.


by Brandi Sherman

A few weeks ago there was a plea on Facebook about an area in downtown behind Fresno City Hall and a colony of kitties that were in need of TNR—trap neuter and return which is best policy for the colony’s health and brings a halt to the reproduction and more homeless cats. I decided to take on the task and headed out to meet with the feeder.


by Cynthia Chow
& Deborah Blake

Maybe buying a pet shelter – spur of the moment, sight unseen – wasn’t the best idea. But Kari Stuart had recently gotten out of a bad marriage, was about to turn thirty, and oh yes, had just won a five-million-dollar lottery. At a loss what to do next in her life, it took finding a stray kitten and discovering that all of the local pet shelters were overflowing their capacities to propel her into to making such an impulsive decision.


by Paula Hunsaker

Sweet Tiara was pulled from CCSPCA, a high-kill shelter. Tiara had kittens with her when she came to the shelter. While there, another rescue pulled Tiara’s kittens, but left Tiara behind. When I was at the shelter, I noticed that Tiara had been tagged on her kennel card to be pulled at the end of the day to be euthanized. She was out of time at the shelter because she had been with kittens and would require additional time at the shelter before she could be spayed. A female cat that had been nursing kittens requires a longer time in between being a nursing mother cat and being spayed as her milk needs to dry up before a spay procedure.

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by Kathleen Costa
& Eileen Watkins

It’s been a little over two years since twenty-something Cassie McGlone escaped a difficult relationship and moved to Chadwick, New Jersey, opening Cassie’s Comfy Cats, a down-to-earth, no uppity frills cat grooming and boarding business. Housed in an older two-story home, the ground floor has grooming stations, a playroom, and several cat condos for the extended stay. Her assistant Sarah Wilcox, a retired high school teacher, is a good friend for listening and offering advice as well as being an invaluable “extra pair of hands.”


by Sandra Murphy

Emma Reed worked in finance in London. Tired of training young men who then became her boss, Emma quit her job to do something she loved.
Where to go and what to do? From trips as a child, she remembered a tea shop in a small village in Cornwall. Baking goodies was her passion. A tea shop would be just the thing. She and her Corgi, Oliver, headed for Cornwall.


by Wendy Hunter

Well, here we are again folks. Two months into the New Year and we have a new President, more wacky weather, and some yahoo named Gorilla Glue Girl. Yup, here we are. I was hoping for a more glorious and rose-filled start to 2021, but it’s been more like a lousy rain-soaked beginning. In our family, we’ve been hit with some health issues, which came screaming out of the blue like a flock of Wizard of Oz monkeys.


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