Welcome to Kings River Life Magazine, a California online magazine with a focus on the San Joaquin Valley and beyond. One of our goals is to connect people to their community by sharing stories about local entertainment, events, ministry and community service opportunities, our schools, local leaders and so much more. Since our readership has now expanded way beyond the San Joaquin Valley, we also have entertainment, literature, food and pet articles that appeal to anyone no matter where they live. We have a very strong mystery section and a growing fantasy/horror section as well, where we feature not only reviews of all sorts and author interviews, but also short stories.

Kings RiverFor our local articles, we will include as many of the small towns that dot the landscape along the Kings River in the San Joaquin Valley of California as possible, while also including entertainment articles from the larger cities like Fresno and Visalia & throughout much of California. We heartily support the arts and their importance in our lives and wish to provide not only exposure to local artists but to make people in the area aware of the many opportunities to enjoy and support the arts right here in our Valley, without having to travel to San Francisco or Los Angeles.

Kings River Life was created by local journalist and published mystery author Lorie Lewis Ham who has been a part of this area for 50 years. With the help of many wonderful Valley area contributors and San Francisco webmaster Dorian Rhodes, this online magazine was launched on May 29, 2010.

If you are a part of the communities surrounding the Kings River or just love books, theatre, movies, TV, food and pets, this is the place for you!

New articles are added every Saturday so check back often, with other special articles added during the week.

Mission/Value Statement:

These statements are here to help you our readers, interested parties, and potential advertisers know more of our DNA and who we are at KRL.

Mission Statement:

Our mission is to entertain, inspire, and inform a global community with a unique variety of articles that provide something of interest for everyone, while supporting the arts, literature, charities, mental health, and animal rescue. Also, to eventually reach the goal of being able to pay our loyal and hard working staff for their efforts for KRL and provide enough of an income for its owners to be able to make it their primary focus.

Vision Statement:

We are a California magazine with local focus and global appeal, along with a desire to entertain, inspire and inform with a unique variety of articles that provide something of interest for everyone.

Values & guiding principals

1. Our first responsibility is to our reader to provide a quality product which adheres to our vision to entertain, inform and inspire.
2. Our responsibility to our staff is to be a team who works together to encourage and support one another not only in our work at KRL but also where possible outside of KRL by supporting each other’s businesses, charities and artistic endeavors. And in regards to KRL to promote and read each other’s articles where possible.
3. Our focus is on relationships: with each other, our readers, our advertisers, our community, our planet, and the arts.
4. To strive to be a green company, starting with being online only thus saving paper.
5. To never lose sight of our primary focus to make a difference with our content, while at the same time providing quality entertainment.
6. To donate 10% of all advertising income to animal rescue so that we are not only making a difference for animals by informing and educating through articles, but also in a tangible way and eventually extend that to other charities.

UPDATED PRIVACY POLICY: Our Privacy Policy can be found here: kingsriverlife.com/privacy-policy