What skills do you need to be a leader in nursing?

by staff

Nursing is a rewarding and challenging career that is critical to the healthcare industry. When you are looking to move up in your chosen career, becoming a nursing leader is the next logical step for a talented nurse who displays leadership qualities. After all, the next generation of nurses needs someone to mentor and guide them on their journey.

Reedley College Instructor Spotlight: David Hicks, Ceramic Artist

by Jim Mulligan

While his full-time job may be passing along the basics of his artistic and practical craft to students of all ages at Reedley College, David Hicks relishes in taking the bits and pieces of organic inspiration found in the Central Valley and creating both monolithic pieces and conglomerations of smaller parts with his medium of choice, inorganic clay.

8 Promising Professions for Those Interested in Healthcare

by staff

Healthcare is one of those fields that never stops evolving. As an aspiring healthcare professional, you can explore many career options according to your interests and capabilities. But it is important to do proper research to know about the latest industry practices, so you can prepare yourself accordingly.
Depending on your healthcare career choice, you can choose different career paths.

5 Ways To Upgrade Your Nursing Career

by staff

Pursuing a nursing career in today’s world is no less than a challenge. With modern technology transforming the healthcare industry, the nursing landscape is witnessing revolutionary changes. Modern nurses must pursue advanced studies, run state-of-the-art medical equipment, and practice sophisticated techniques to treat patients while meeting upgraded healthcare standards.

Industrial engineering: Scope and benefits

by staff

Since the beginning of this world, humanity has always evaluated the environment as good or bad for its existence. As humans grew and progressed, their evaluation scope became extensive, leading to the industrial revolution. Industrialization transformed the world drastically.

Things You Need To Know Before Going To College

by staff

Isn't it exciting to start college and experience what this new chapter of your life has to offer? While going to college sounds exciting, the real struggle begins when you don't prepare for it. Many individuals don't focus on the practical side of this journey and struggle to find a balance between studies and other areas of life. This situation can put you under severe stress, especially if you got admission to an overseas college. Apart from the typical checklist you find on your college's official website, there are other things you must know.



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