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Mysteryrat’s Maze

by Jacqueline Vick

Ask any pet parent if their animal “talks” to them and the answer is an emphatic, YES! It’s true the cocked canine head or flicking feline tail can communicate a pet’s thoughts as clearly as words, but what would it look like if we could delve into their furry and feathered brains and hold a two-way conversation? That’s the question I needed to answer for my pet psychic mysteries.


by Lucy Burdette

With twelve cozy culinary mysteries down the hatch (sorry, couldn’t help myself), I realize I am very accustomed to understanding my characters through what and how they eat. The main character in my Key West foodie mysteries, Hayley Snow, is a food critic. Her mother, Janet, is a caterer. Both women are excellent cooks who love to entertain. As Hayley Snow said in Killer Takeout: “Food is a major deal in my family—life-sustaining, of course. But it also provides clues to the cook’s inner life, like a psychologist’s inkblot test.


by Sandra Murphy

Everyone knows Andy Carpenter loves dogs, especially Tara, his Golden Retriever. And everyone knows, he walks them in the park for a bedtime break. This time he has company. His secretary, Edna, who never does any work, is getting married and has brought her fiancé around to meet Andy and Laurie. When it’s time to walk the dogs, the fiancé goes along, leaving Edna and Laurie at the house for girl talk.


by Sandra Murphy
& Cynthia Chow

This week we have a fun group Christmas mysteries for your holiday reading-It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Murder: A Catering Hall Mystery by Maria DiRico, Twisted Tea Christmas: A Teashop Mystery by Laura Childs, Death at Holly Lodge: A Daisy Thorne Mystery by Louise R. Innes, and Murder at the Christmas Cookie Bake-Off: A Beacon Bakeshop Mystery by Darci Hannah.


by Sunny Frazier

Books make good presents, easy to find, easy to wrap. Listed at the end of this column are eighteen holiday books which came out months ahead of time. Yule enjoy them!


by Lorie Lewis Ham

Here is your weekly reminder that there are also new articles up on our other website KRL News & Reviews! Every week there will be book reviews and giveaways, plus sometimes pet articles, theatre articles, and more! And listen to our new podcast!


by Joe Cosentino

Interview with Nicky Abbondanza by Joe Cosentino
Nicky Abbondanza is the leading character in Drama Fraternity, the sixth Nicky and Noah mystery, now an audiobook performed by Griswold Addams


Every Character has a Present and a Past

IN THE November 24 ISSUE

FROM THE 2021 Articles,
andMysteryrat's Maze

by Cathi Stoler

“So, what’s the story?” Have you ever asked anyone that question? Or has someone asked you the same thing? Chances are it wasn’t about what was happening at that very moment, but something in the past. The backstory.


by Sandra Murphy
& Cynthia Chow

Since this is Thanksgiving week we thought it would be fun to review some food mysteries for your Thanksgiving feast-Deck the Donuts: A Deputy Donuts Mystery by Ginger Bolton, The Cure for What Ales You: A Sloan Krause Mystery by Ellie Alexander, Here Comes the Fudge: A Candy-Coated Mystery by Nancy Coco, No Grater Crime: A Country Store Mystery by Maddie Day, and Murder Can Frost Your Doughnut: A Haunted Craft Mystery by Rose Pressey.


by Kathleen Costa
& Catherine Bruns

It’s Harvest Park, New York, and Theresa “Tessa” Esposito, Tess to some, had everything, but unfortunately, last year her life turned upside down when her husband was killed in a tragic auto accident that would later be confirmed as murder. It was a tragic time, but Tessa always found cooking to be her best therapy. She has fond memories of the sights, smells, and tastes of all the Italian delicacies bubbling in her grandmother’s kitchen, and now, in the kitchen of her own restaurant, Anything’s Pastable, she is making memories of her own for family, friends, and guests with many of those same recipes to which she’s adding some of her own touches.


by Sharon Tucker

Remember the femjep 1997 movie The Relic? It was loosely based on the first novel of the same name in a best-selling series written by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child. I say “loosely based” because the screenwriters left out one of, if not the main, character in all the books: Aloysius X. L. Pendergast, maverick FBI agent and all-around best person to have on your side in any kind of fight. It’s still a relatively good movie because a monster on the loose in a large museum, replete with departments in house to figure out who or what the creature is on the basis of anthropology, evolutionary biology, and genetics, sounds intriguing.


by Lorie Lewis Ham

Gated Prey is the latest Detective Eve Ronin mystery by Lee Goldberg. Eve is the youngest homicide detective in the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, a position many think that she hasn’t earned since she got the job after a video of her went viral. Because of this, she isn’t very popular among her coworkers, except for her soon-to-retire partner Duncan Pavone.


by Matt Lubbers-Moore

Amazing that another year is almost at an end. This year certainly has had its ups and downs professionally and personally. ReQueered Tales lay low for most of the year with very few releases compared to previous years. However, we had some amazing titles come out: Skydiving on Christopher Street by Stan Leventhal, Drylands End and its sequel Betrothal at Usk by Felice Picano, Dead as a Doornail by Grant Michaels, Long Goodbyes by Nikki Baker, and Little Miss Evil by Lev Raphael. In 2022, we expect to see a lot more releases by authors like John Morgan Wilson, Edward O. Phillips, Lauren Wright Douglas, Richard Hall, Robert Ferro, Michael Grumley, Nikki Baker, and, new to ReQueered Tales, Richard Stevenson!


by Lorie Lewis Ham

Here is your weekly reminder that there are also new articles up on our other website KRL News & Reviews! Every week there will be book reviews and giveaways, plus sometimes pet articles, theatre articles, and more! And listen to our new podcast!


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