Mysteryrat’s Maze

Clean Kill by Anne Laughlin: Review/Giveaway/Interview

by Sarah Erwin

Nicky Sullivan is the resident manager of a sober living home in Chicago. Previously, she served as homicide detective until alcohol took over her life, and she quit her job after a fatal shooting that also injured a young girl. Nicky works hard to stay sober, take care of her residents, point them in the right direction, and deal with her absolutely awful boss.

Torn Asunder By Barbara Ross: Review/Giveaway/Father’s Day Recipe

by Sandra Murphy
& Barbara Ross

Julia Snowden runs the Snowden Family Clambake during the summer and works with her best friend and business partner, Zoey, during the off season. Zoey’s dream has always been of a traditional wedding—white dress, huge cake, thrown bouquet, first dance, everything except being walked down the aisle since she doesn’t know who her father is. Now her dream is about to come true.

Close to Death By Anthony Horowitz: Review/Giveaway

by Lorie Lewis Ham

Over the last several years I have become a big fan of the work of Anthony Horowitz, both in books and on screen. But I think my favorite thing of his is the Hawthorne and Horowitz mystery series, in which Anthony acts as the Watson to Hawthorne’s Holmes. The fifth book in that series, Close to Death, came out in April and I couldn’t wait to read it!

Local Book Events With Lorie Lewis Ham & Jennifer J. Chow & Book Release

by Lorie Lewis Ham

For our local readers, I am so excited to share that I will be doing two book events with fellow mystery author Jennifer J. Chow this month! Jennifer has a wonderful new series set in the area and I have my Tower District Mystery series. We will be talking about both, interviewing each other (which sounded fun), opening up for questions from the audience, and possibly reading a little from our books.

Pretty as Poison: The Life, Crimes & Accomplices of California’s First Black Widow Part 2

by Sarah Peterson-Camacho
Albert N. McVicar was most definitely dead.
With his 6’4”, 185-lb. frame doubled up like a pretzel inside the four-foot Saratoga steamer trunk, his “corpse was found curled up with wounds on his head,” writes true crime author J’aime Rubio. “His nose had been completely fractured…Blood that poured from his head and nose settled at the bottom corner of the trunk…”

In$urance to Die For By Charlotte Stuart: Review/Giveaway/Interview

by Sandra Murphy

John Smith, yep, that’s his real name, is a claims adjuster at an insurance company. He’s recently moved into jewelry and painting appraisals and losses. He doesn’t know much about those things but there’s an art appraiser, Carla, the company has used for years to help him along the way. He mostly stays in the background and agrees with her assessment.