Rodent Ramblings

Rattie Ratz Rescue: Keeping Pet Rats Safe in the Heat

by Stephanie Cameron

With temperatures beginning to rise as the year rolls towards summer, it’s important for pet owners to be conscious of how the heat affects the animals in their home. As a volunteer with Rattie Ratz (a domestic pet rat rescue), and living in California, I have had a few summers where the heat was too much for me and my animals and I have had to utilize some of the tips described below. Although this article is geared towards pet rats, these tips and tricks can be utilized for many different types of animals.

Rattie Ratz: A Tribute To Hansel

by Daria Filimonova

In February of last year, I wrote an article about my personal experience owning rats. It was sort of a memorial piece for my first official mischief (a group of rats) that really solidified my identity as a rat owner. Towards the end of the article, I stated that I was having a hard time bonding with the new boys I rescued because of the heartbreak of losing the last boy of that first mischief.

A Valentine’s to Remember: Reminiscing with Raz & Blue

by Stephanie Cameron

For those of you who appreciate the spirit of Valentine's Day, I invite you to join me as I reminisce with some furry Valentine's of my own. Regular readers may recognize Blue (aka Blueberry) and Raz (aka Raspberry) when they were featured in December 2022. I was sadly unaware that their brother, Grape, would pass away unexpectedly only a few short months after that feature was published.

Home for the Holidays: Ginny, Gaia & Nezumi’s Story

by Stephanie Cameron

Today’s feature follows three rats that were rescued at different times and through different circumstances before finding their way to Rattie Ratz Rescue and, ultimately their forever home with Esther and her daughter. Rattie Ratz is a rescue located in the Bay Area of Northern California that specializes in rescuing and rehoming domestic pet rats.

Rattie Ratz: Through Loss, a New Beginning is Made, The Story of Fern & Juniper

by Stephanie Cameron

With every ending there is hope of a new beginning and a second chance. Today’s feature follows the story of Fern and Juniper. They were very much beloved by their previous owner, but sadly, the owner was chronically ill. With their condition worsening, they no longer felt that they could care for the girls as they deserved, so they reached out to Rattie Ratz, a rescue located in the Bay Area of Northern California who specializes in fostering and rehoming domestic pet rats.

Adopting Senior Rats: The Tale of Jerry & Stuart

by Stephanie Cameron

No animal can escape aging, and sadly, some enter their golden time far too quickly. Rats are one such animal and are considered a senior by the time they are two years old. Because a rat’s life span is so short, and being a long-time rat owner myself, I have come to greatly respect the indomitable spirit of those who chose rats as their companion animal. Having to say goodbye to your beloved pets every 2-3 years can be challenging. It takes a big heart to care for an animal you know you will have to say goodbye to over and over again.