Any writers interested in submitting either articles or photography to be considered for publication in the Kings River Life Magazine, please click here to contact us. Submissions also encouraged from teens. We are also very interested in local events (San Joaquin Valley), so please send us your press releases as well, as much in advance as possible–note they are usually added to the site at the beginning of a week. We have an event calendar, local links, and event pages. We also have a mystery event page for events taking place anywhere within the US that are mystery related.

Though a California magazine, we are expanding as we have seen our readership is growing across the country so with the exception of local coverage, we will now consider submissions from any writer no matter where they reside, especially in the areas of mystery/fantasy short stories and reviews, food & pets. We prefer that short stories not be longer than 2000 words, but longer stories may be considered. We prefer articles not be more than 1000 words. For more information on submitting please contact us at the above email address. We do accept reprints as long as it has been at least several months since the story/article was first published.

Another area we are now accepting submissions for is our new Rodent Ramblings category–we will consider short story and article submissions that include rats, mice, hamsters, guinea pigs. For more information please email us at the above address.

At this time, there is no monetary compensation for any submissions, but all authors/photographers may include a link to either their website or blog. Frequent contributors may also qualify to receive ad space on this website. Kings River Life Magazine retains first publication rights (or, in some cases, second or third) for all contributions for 90 days from the publication date (in some cases longer), after which the author is free to reprint their submission elsewhere if credit is given to Kings River Life for publication of the item. However, some exceptions can be made upon request from the author.

Please include a three sentence bio, including age and school for teens or your website/blog for anyone 20+, to accompany the article if it is accepted.



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