Feral Paws Rescue: Betty and Fox

Apr 13, 2024 | 2024 Articles, Animal Rescue Adventures, Feral Paws Rescue, Pets

by Lupe Gore

This month we feature two outstanding cats who recently came from the CCSPCA – Fresno. They both are gorgeous cats who were surrendered from different owners who were unable to keep them. Feral Paws Rescue was asked by the shelter if we would take them in. Of course we did!


Betty is a large, beautiful, medium-haired, brown/black Manx who is five years old. She was surrendered by her previous owners as their housing accommodations wouldn’t allow a pet. She had been with them for four years, including moving to California from Texas. What a journey Betty had, and the stories she could tell about that trip! Betty had not adjusted well to a kennel at the shelter, so perhaps that is why they called Feral Paws Rescue a couple of months ago to pick her up. When we first encountered her, she hissed and didn’t want anyone (Including cats) near her. We placed Betty in her own large, private house. After a few days of lots of attention by her caretaker, Betty’s sweet personality emerged. She loves to be brushed, petted, and just loved. Her house has a little “bedroom” area where she has a blanket, and now when her caretaker approaches her house, Betty will emerge and rub against the wire mesh screen. When her caretaker opens the door to her house, Betty doesn’t try to escape but rather just wants human attention and starts to purr up a storm!


Betty loves different flavors of wet cat food and looks forward to having her special dish every afternoon. Her house also has a wide view of the western side of the property, so she also gets to enjoy the afternoon sun and watch other cats roam around the property. She no longer hisses at the other cats when they come near her house, so maybe someday she will be able to integrate with others who are housed together. For now though, she seems to be perfectly comfortable where she is, as long as she knows she is loved!


Fox is a large, very handsome brown/black tabby Maine Coon mix. He is three years old. Fox was also surrendered to the shelter due to his previous owners having housing that didn’t allow any pets. From the first day Fox came to Feral Paws Rescue, he has been a delight to work with. He is so easy going and loves the attention his caretaker and our volunteer staff give him. Unlike Betty, Fox gets along well with other cats, but kind of prefers the solitude of a private kennel where he can enjoy his daily dish of wet cat food all to himself. He also seems to know his caretaker’s routine and when to expect his meal, as he will jump down from his sleeping area and talk to her as if saying “am I next?” Fox also loves to be petted and brushed when he isn’t napping in his bed and as a special treat, to be carried around the property in his caretaker’s arms to enjoy the scenery on a sunny day.

Both Betty and Fox have endeared themselves to us at Feral Paws Rescue, not only because of their stellar appearance. Even though they have different personalities, they both just want to be loved and love us back with lots of head rubs and purring. Seeing them happy and feeling “at home” with us makes rescue so worthwhile.

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