2024 Articles

Jackie Dale-The Cat Mother/Cat Trapper: Back in Business-Transport and Drama

by Jackie Dale

As I finished my last column, I was patiently waiting for the vet to return from vacation. She had already contacted me and set up appointments for the day after she got home on the 3rd. Meanwhile, someone dumped two friendly cats in my yard. Both males, one was fixed and one was not. The unfixed fellow is super fluffy and full of matted fur.

New Theatre Opportunities For KCUSD Middle & Elementary Schools

by Lorie Lewis Ham

While Reedley High School has been well known for its theatre productions for quite some time, I recently became aware that theatre was happening at some Kings Canyon Unified School District (KCUSD) K-8 schools in Reedley, so I set out to learn more. Little did I realize that this actually began last year and somehow slipped under KRL’s radar, with the first show, a production of High School Musical Jr., performed by TL Reed students at Silas Bartsch.

The Murder of Roger Ackroyd By Agatha Christie

by Lorie Lewis Ham

I have been an Agatha Christie fan since I was a teenager, but until recently had never read one of her most famous books, The Murder of Roger Ackroyd. When I was asked to review a new release of the book I thought it would be a good push to finally read it. I must say though, it feels a bit odd to be reviewing something by the Queen of Crime, and a book that has been voted by the British Crime Writers’ Association as the Best Crime Novel of all Time.

Until Death Do Us Part: A Love Story of the Supernatural

by Sarah Peterson-Camacho
But from the moment William Chester Spence married Lulu Holden Klamroth Dodd in Oakland, California, on Wednesday, July 29, 1925, it was a match made for the hereafter. The widowed carpenter, 47, and the twice-divorced medium, 52, shared a passion for the paranormal, and by the time of their marriage, they had seen enough of life to know that the Other Side was never very far away.

Rogue Performer Previews: Breakneck Romeo & Juliet/Potty Training/Emil Amok

by Tim Mooney, Joey Rinaldi,
& Emil Amok Guillermo

It is almost time for the Rogue Festival again--it will be taking place March 1-9 in the Tower District of Fresno. Here are 3 more Rogue Performer Preview articles and we will be posting 3 more next week before Rogue starts! We will also be posting several show reviews once the festival begins!