Feral Paws Rescue: It’s Wednesday!

Jun 15, 2024 | 2024 Articles, Animal Rescue Adventures, Feral Paws Rescue, Pets

by Lupe Gore

We at Feral Paws Rescue have saved many, many cats from high-kill shelters throughout the years since we started, and they have all held a special place in our hearts. Some, however, are just a little more special because of their personalities or the circumstances when we got them. This month we will share the story of one of those cats.


Wednesday, who was named after a character in The Addams Family, came to us as a kitten just over six years ago, having originally come from the CCSPCA (Fresno). She has a beautiful black coat that feels like velvet. Wednesday and her brother had been in foster care and then adopted by the technician for our rescue Veterinarian. Wednesday didn’t bond with that person as they wanted her to, so she came to live with us at the rescue. She immediately endeared herself to us, so much so that she became one of our personal house cats. She has a nickname “Mama’s Baby Girl,” which she will answer to when being called.

Wednesday does like to go outside, but never far from the house and only for short periods of time before she wants back indoors. She will follow our cat caretakers around somewhat, but always stays close by them as they’re in the areas where our rescue cats are housed. Wednesday also likes the interaction with other cats whether they’re with her inside the house, or out on the property. She gets along with everyone!

While inside, she loves to get inside the cat condos, on the furniture, and in boxes that may be lying around, keeping her humans from disposing of said boxes, and maybe some packaging paper that is inside them. At night, she loves to cuddle on the bed. She also loves to play with the cat toys, and at times still has all the energy she did as a kitten when she would chase the plastic toy balls across the floor. Wednesday is a rather picky eater, though, only wanting her food in a certain dish at a certain place (she loves to be on tables) and is finicky about what she will eat. But she does have a very good appetite. She is just a little spoiled, as all cats should be!

The past six years that Wednesday has been part of our lives here at Feral Paws Rescue have been so enjoyable, and we hope to have her for many years to come. Every day is Wednesday with us!!

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