Advertising in KRL!

Note: 10% of all advertising money over $35 will go to one of several animal rescues-Jackie Dale’s cat rescue work, Animal Rescue of Fresno, Fresno Bully Rescue, Feral Paws Rescue Group, Mell’s Mutts, Cats By the Tracks, or Rattie Ratz in Clayton. (All in California) You can choose which rescue, or we can choose for you.

Average readership is approximately 8,000-10,000 unique users per month. Approximately a third of those are in Fresno and the surrounding communities all the way south to Visalia—with the largest of those audiences being Fresno. Approximately two thirds are California-with the top readership outside of the Valley being Los Angeles and San Francisco. The top states besides CA are New York and Texas, and the rest of our readers are spread out across the country, and in the UK and Australia.

The following ads are on the sidebars and visible on all pages, however they do not go through on feeds:

144 x 144 button ad provided by advertiser ready to go-$75 a month or 125 x 125 for $65 a month. This is probably our best selling and most popular ad. To purchase the prime spot with this ad near the top of the page, add an extra $10 a month.

144 x 400 vertical long button ad on far right sidebar- $100 a month or 125 x 400 vertical button on first sidebar for $95 a month. (special discounts offered to book publishers, local theatre, and authors-ask for details)

If you cannot provide your own ad we have an ad designer that will design one for you for a one time $20 fee as long as the ad does not change and advertiser provides logo or artwork ($40 if we have to create artwork)—with 2 revisions. Later this year we hope to be working with a graphics company who will also offer more ad design services–though at much higher rates. Links however can be easily changed without an extra fee. All ads include a link to your website/Facebook page.

Other advertising options:

Banner ad at the bottom of an article height 125 x width 400 $35 per ad if sent in ready to go. This ad may remain at the bottom of this article indefinitely unless otherwise requested—but for sure at least for a year. One of the advantages of internet publishing. (this is a great option for mystery writers as it can go at the bottom of one of our mystery articles)

Or you can purchase the same ad to appear in every article in your chosen category for a month-prices vary by category. The current rates for our top 3 categories are as follows: $45 for A & E, $55 for mystery and pet (these are our most widely read categories). This is a great choice for these categories because we do a lot of these within a month. If you are purchasing multiple months we can offer a discount on the top categories. We now also offer this same ad in a 500 x 300 size for $50 for one article or $100 to appear in every article in the mystery category for a month.

If you decide to go with the banner ad, pick a section that best fits your audience-most of our other categories are $30 a month. If you are looking to include an audience outside of the Fresno area-our mystery and pet articles bring in readers all over the US, as well as some of our non mystery book, movie & CD review and food articles. Some articles crossover into more than one section, and banner ads will go through on the feeds.

Primary Categories include:

Books & Tales (there are sub categories on this and the above prices are for those sub categories, however you can request a quote for the entire section)
Teen Talk
Arts & Entertainment
Mental Health
(there are also other categories & subcategories and some monthly columns)

We suggest you browse the categories to make sure you pick the one best suited for your ad.

We feature articles from throughout the Fresno/Visalia areas with a strong current focus on Reedley, secondary on Sanger. In the entertainment section there is a heavy focus on Fresno and Visalia—this is always expanding. Again, our mystery market & some regional reviewers & food articles, our pet articles, and our new rodents/pets sub category are read nationwide and some are even ad in other countries. We also have a special teen section, which is constantly evolving.

Special Note: We can also offer combination specials on bottom of the article banner ads and a sidebar ad together at a special price. If interested, ask for a quote.

Ad prices are subject to change at any time and we will be offering specials off and on.

Note: All ads can be linked to your website/Facebook or Amazon page.

Publisher’s note: We reserve the right to turn down any ad, or ad placement, that we deem not to be appropriate. We also often offer special discounts if you run your ad for multiple months–just ask.

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