Going Green

8 Reasons E-bikes Are Ideal for Daily Commute

by staff

In the fast-paced world we live in, the daily commute can often be a source of significant stress and expense. However, the emergence of electric bikes (e-bikes) is changing the game, offering a fresh, innovative solution for getting around. E-bikes combine the physical benefits of traditional cycling with the added boost of electric power, providing a unique combination of convenience, efficiency, and sustainability.

Mystery at Windswept Farm By Wendy Sand Eckel: Review/Giveaway/Interview

by Sandra Murphy

Rosalie owns the Day Lily Café in Cardigan, Maryland. It has an authentic farm-to-table menu that locals and visitors alike appreciate. Her farmland is leased to Tyler, who recently became more than a friend. The organic certification for the farm is due, but there’s a problem. The neighboring farm is now run by landowner Ronnie Kline’s nephew, and he plans to dust the crops with a pesticide so toxic, it should be banned.

The Mystery in the Mysteries or Who Killed… the Climate?

by Susan Rowland

We love murder mysteries because the story catches in its net the biggest fish of all: the taboo against killing another human being and the unknown country of death. On the one hand, mysteries can be cozy in converting the fearsome subject of death itself as something that can be solved, a fiction that dissolves death into something essentially unnatural.

Benefits of Living a Natural Life

by staff

There are many benefits of living a natural life. We are talking about eating what is fresh and organic and living a more balanced lifestyle. That includes getting enough sleep, exercising, and using natural products. Take care of yourself with a healthy diet. Most people would agree that a natural lifestyle is easier to live and does not put as much stress on the body. So if you have ever thought of changing your life to go along with the "natural" path, here are the top five benefits of living a natural lifestyle.