Nate Butler At The Silent Movies

by Mallory Moad

“I’ve been a fan of silent movies since before I ever saw one.” Those are the words of well-known local entertainer, Nate Butler. One of his many passions, Nate began reading about classic cinema when he was a kid. His fascination with old movies and their history began when he got his first library card at the age of seven, and he’s been soaking up information like a sponge – and generously sharing it – ever since.

6 Great Christmas Movies To Watch With The Family

by staff

Christmas is that time of year when families gather and old traditions are relived. One such popular
ritual is the thrill of viewing wonderful Christmas films that dazzle us with tales of love, friendship, and the pure spirit of giving. These cinematic marvels have a magical way of enveloping us in a blanket of nostalgia, evoking childlike awe and simpler times.

Actor Gary Sinise & the Lt. Dan Band Perform at the Naval Air Station in Lemoore

by Steven Sanchez

It’s been approximately thirty years since the actor Gary Sinise portrayed the character that he’d be most renowned for: Lt. Dan Taylor in the Best Picture winner of 1994, Forrest Gump. In the movie he portrayed a platoon leader in the U.S. Army, and decades removed from the role, he’s still finding ways to associate himself with the military.

Final Cut: A Hollywood Mystery By Marjorie McCown: Review/Giveaway/Interview

by Cynthia Chow

Despite months of preparation and planning, professional costumer Joey Jessup is anxious before her next job’s first day of a film’s principal photography. Joey is always nervous before the start of a new job, be it for live theater or a big budget film, but this superhero blockbuster has her on edge. While having the base camp near her home in Malibu was tantalizing, the director Marcus Pray has a reputation that lived up to his name.

Q&A with Local Actor Chris Giese

by Lorie Lewis Ham

KRL has always enjoyed shining the spotlight on local creators—whether they are singers, musicians, dancers, filmmakers, artists, writers, or actors. This week we are chatting with local actor Chris Giese who has been seen on the stage with Reedley’s River City Theatre Co. many times, as well as at Hobb’s Grove every Halloween, and in several indie movies. Born in Dinuba, Chris now lives in Fresno.

Actor John Cho At the Speakers Forum at Fresno City College

by Steven Sanchez

For years, the Speakers Forum held at Fresno City College has brought high-profile names to grace their stage. There was the actor Taye Diggs, the philosopher and activist Cornell West, author Max Brooks, and Sheryl Underwood who is an FCC Graduate and Co-host of The Talk on CBS … just to name a few. These events are for the students and are free to the public. Those who attended these events walked away with knowledge and lessons learned, no matter who was the speaker.

Aurora Teagarden Mysteries: Haunted By Murder

by Kathleen Costa

Aurora Teagarden is the twenty-something, red-headed cozy sleuth from Charlaine Harris popular novels, and in 2015, she became the iconic figure in eighteen telemovies on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries. By occupation, “Roe” is a librarian at the Lawrenceton Public Library, by passion, she is an active member of the Real Murders Club for true crime enthusiasts, and by complication, she’s the thorn in the side of law enforcement and the bane of many a killer. Aurora’s best friend Sally Allison, also a member of the club, is a reporter for the local newspaper and often Roe’s reluctant investigative sidekick.