Fresno Bully Rescue: Rosco

by Becky Holly

We all know one or want to be one. That special someone who is older in age but so vibrant and energetic we wonder how they do it! We have one such amazing soul at Fresno Bully Rescue and his name is Roscoe. Roscoe is approximately 8 years old with a huge heart mixed with the personality, exuberance, humor and affection of a puppy.

Great Food Search: Leftovers 2023!

by Terrance McArthur

You know how sometimes you have really good food, but you don’t finish it, so you have a refrigerator full of leftovers? Food reviewers can have a version of that. Maybe you come across a great restaurant, but it doesn’t fit the theme you had planned for that month, so the pictures sit in your phone until you can’t quite remember what you ate or where it was. That happened to me this year, so I present—LEFTOVERS 2023!

Sunflower Farm Stand: Your Central Valley Destination for Fun-Filled, Fall Activities

by Molly Eide Marquez

When it comes to enjoying the vibrant beauty and delightful activities of the fall season in California's Central Valley, Sunflower Farm Stand in Sanger, CA, is your go-to destination. This family-owned farm, now in its third generation of operation, has not only been a source of fresh produce but has also evolved into an autumn wonderland with an array of exciting attractions. In a recent interview with owner/operator Michael Strambi, he shared the farm's journey and highlighted the fun fall activities that await visitors this season.

Fresno Bully Rescue: The Bully BOO Walk & Shania

by Terese Shaw

The very first Bully Walk event took place in 2010. After an overwhelming show of support, it quickly became a popular community event. The Bully Walk is an annual fundraiser that takes place at Woodward Park, Fresno CA - benefiting the Fresno Bully Rescue. FBR is a no-kill, breed-specific animal shelter and rescue, dedicated to rescuing bully breed dogs.

Slain on Lovers Lane: The Century-Old Double Murder of Jazz-Age Lovebirds, Part 2

by Sarah Peterson-Camacho

Cradling the rose quartz pendulum in the palm of my hand, I gingerly picked my way across the dusty, uneven terrain of Sanger’s Bethel Cemetery, my darting eyes peeled for gopher holes. It was a beautiful day for a séance in a deserted country graveyard: a breezy, cloudless summer afternoon, unseasonably cool for the middle of a Central California July. And yet my palm was sweaty, sticking to the pendulum, and I felt oddly self-conscious.

The Great Food Search: That’s the Way the Banana Splits

by Terrance McArthur

It happened in 1904: Latrobe, Pennsylvania. “Doc” Strickler, an optometrist, cut a banana lengthwise, added three different scoops of ice cream, topped it with strawberries, raspberries, crushed pineapple, marshmallow syrup, chopped nuts, and pitted black cherries. That was the first Banana Split. It was a hit, and Strickler eventually bought the pharmacy/soda fountain downstairs from his office.

Fresno Bully Rescue: Marigold

by Terese Shaw

If you don’t work in rescue, you may not be aware, but over the last year especially, the number of homeless pets and pets being returned to shelters and rescues is in numbers far above our “normal” crisis levels. This is enough to make even the veteran rescue and/or shelter worker feel disheartened, heartbroken, defeated, and guilty.