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Easy Like Sunday Morning


FROM THE 2020 Articles,
andAnimal Rescue Adventures,
andLee Juslin

by Lee Juslin

When Cody was turned into a New York City shelter by his owners, the shelter thought he was a Wheaten Scottie. So, they sent pictures to Scottie Rescue of Greater New York. Meanwhile, the shelter kept him isolated to avoid his picking up kennel cough and other illnesses, which are common in shelters. When the rescue agreed to take him, the shelter had him vetted and brought up to date on his vaccines. They, then, delivered him to Erica, a volunteer with the rescue.


by Kathleen Costa

Ellie steps off the plane and breathes deep the fragrant Florida air dabbing the sweat from her brow. Dreams come true! When she arrives at the hotel, safely since the driver may have had some questionable liquid refreshment, she discovers a sun hat and flip flops and…Aunt Olive missing. It is strange since Aunt Olive had made a big deal about attending the writers’ conference held at the resort.


Playhouse Merced in Two Acts


FROM THE 2020 Articles,
andRebecca Potts,

by Rebecca Potts

Earlier this year, Playhouse Merced was in the middle of a bustling 2020 season. They were gearing up to start tech week on their production of Fun Home and preparing to cast another production after a successful round of auditions. And then, March hit, and the world started to look…drastically different. Fun Home never saw the stage. Two shows were cast, but never made it to rehearsals. The cast of Tarzan was never announced. There were many questions about how to move forward, and when things would return to normal.


by Cynthia Chow

In 1896, a young woman escapes from the traumas of her life by retreating to the secret place at the top of Chez Celeste’s tower stairs. Led to this magical place by a woman calling herself Granny Jo, Roxanne spies upon the unbelievable world that is present-day San Francisco. It is there at a fundraising ball by the Bay Area Preservation Alliance that real estate agent Claire Scanlan happens to glance upon the mysterious woman, who wears an amethyst necklace nearly identical to her own. Before she can investigate, though, Claire is called away to woo the Burnham heirs who will decide the fate of their family’s Burnham Mansion.


by Sandra Murphy

Chet and Bernie are partners in the Little Detective Agency. Bernie is the smartest human in the room, always. Chet is the canine partner, the one who chases the perp and grabs him by the pant leg until Bernie can bring out the cuffs. No one has as much fun as Chet!


by Kathleen Costa

Road trip! Amy took the hint and decided to take her mom to see her long-time friend, Carl Forster. Although a late start, the eight-hour trip is uneventful, except for the Stutger’s Beer jingle rattling in their heads. Barb checks in with Carl updating their ETA to about three hours out. He didn’t seem himself on the phone informing Barb he had an important appointment to keep, and the key will be on the porch and dinner in the refrigerator.


by Kathleen Costa

Wally, the Chechen terrorist whose reputation took a massive hit when Merry’s spy identity was made known, has set himself up on the front lawn of Merry’s second house, the one she uses as her Troop’s clubhouse and the place she hides all her spy weapons and gadgets. The troop was forced to return early from their pool trip due to a few misunderstandings about frogs and sharks, and seeing the stranger, the Girl Scouts have him surrounded.


by Steven Sanchez

This has been the summer of movies. Actually, every summer is the time for movies. Not only has it been a time for film watching, but also a moment to go out and make movies yourself. We’re in lockdown because of the pandemic, so what else is there to do? The majority of Americans have spent most of their days in front of a screen watching stories, but Kings River Life for these past few issues has been covering local filmmakers who have taken their screens, reversed them, and have been telling their own stories.


by Lorie Lewis Ham

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KRL Is On Vacation!


FROM THE 2020 Articles,
andLorie Lewis Ham

by Lorie Lewis Ham

We are on vacation this week to do some much needed maintenance. But don’t worry we will be back August 8 with another full issue. We will still be posting some midweek articles next week.


by Sandra Murphy

Passing boaters thought the Doral’s owners were below decks. It was only when they were close enough to see a man sprawled on the deck, they thought it was odd. Before they got near, the Doral exploded. Without bodies, it’s assumed three men, pharmaceutical executives, who were seen on the yacht were dead. The Jersey State Police declared the incident a triple homicide based on signs of a bomb found in the debris and wreckage.


by Sarah Peterson-Camacho

Nature and photography go hand in hand for award-winning Fresno photographer and musician Larry W. Cusick, whose love of birds makes the avian species one of his favorite muses. But variety is the spice of life, and Cusick has also made a name for himself as a maker of music, playing the fiddle, Irish flute, and uilleann pipes (Irish bagpipes).

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by Sandra Murpy
& Cynthia Chow

This week we have another fun group of mysteries-Nothing Bundt Trouble: A Bakeshop Mystery by Ellie Alexander, Red Hot: A Red Herring Mystery by Dana Dratch, Jane Darrowfield, Professional Busybody by Barbara Ross, and Still Knife Painting: A Paint and Shine Mystery by Cheryl Hollon.


by Kathleen Costa

As an adventurer at heart, Mona was excited to learn she’d be attending a party where the host’s father-in-law is the famous egyptologist Sir Jonathon Alden. His daughter, Elspeth Neferet Alden, has married Mr. Cornelius Vanderbilt Hopper, and the party is to present the new, and young, Mrs. Hopper to Lexington society. But, Mona is suspicious about their marital bliss having found the new bride crying and is that a bruise on her arm?


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