Sunflower Farm Stand: Your Central Valley Destination for Fun-Filled, Fall Activities

Oct 14, 2023 | 2023 Articles, Arts & Entertainment, Food Fun, Molly Eide Marquez

by Molly Eide Marquez

When it comes to enjoying the vibrant beauty and delightful activities of the fall season in California’s Central Valley, Sunflower Farm Stand in Sanger, CA, is your go-to destination. This family-owned farm, now in its third generation of operation, has not only been a source of fresh produce but has also evolved into an autumn wonderland with an array of exciting attractions. In a recent interview with owner/operator Michael Strambi, he shared the farm’s journey and highlighted the fun fall activities that await visitors this season.

Sunflower Farm Stand has a rich history, having cultivated a variety of crops over the years, including stone fruit, table grapes, watermelon, sweet corn, nuts, pluots, and alfalfa. Michael’s expertise primarily lies in table grapes, a crop that demands technical precision in farming, irrigation, and spraying.

As Michael shared, “This has been the best experience with a fruit stand of my life.” The farm has seen a steady stream of visitors, with 70% coming from the local community and 30% from tourists traveling to the nearby mountains. The standout feature of Sunflower Farm Stand is its commitment to customer service, as the entire operation is run by the Strambi family. Angela, Michael’s wife, and their sons, Matthew and Thomas, contribute to the farm’s success, particularly during the busy summer season.

The farm’s fruit stand journey began in 2010 when it was known as Centerville Fruit Station. Unfortunately, in 2019, the fruit stand had to close due to freeway expansion. However, the Strambi family’s dedication to providing exceptional customer service and fresh produce led them to find a new location.

Sunflower Farm Stand finally found its current home at Kings Canyon/Reed, where it has been thriving since April. The inspiration behind the farm’s unique sunflower mazes came from the sunflower mazes in the Philippines. Since 2018, Sunflower Farm Stand has grown a maze every year alongside its fruit stand offerings.

One of the farm’s main attractions is its sunflower maze, which features an impressive 27 varieties of sunflowers. The sunflowers are so large that some had to be cut down using a chainsaw, with diameters reaching eight-nine inches. This year, the farm introduced a new sunflower variety called “sunspot,” known for its massive 16–18-inch diameter heads, making it perfect for photo opportunities within the maze.

For those seeking more fall-themed activities, Sunflower Farm Stand planted a half-acre of pumpkins and Indian corn back in June in preparation for their fall festival. Visitors can explore the enchanting Sunflower Amphitheater, which boasts 14 different sunflower varieties and offers families the perfect backdrop for memorable photos.

The farm also features an extensive garden with herbs and vegetables, and for animal lovers, Blueberry, the horse, is sure to be a hit at the fall festival. Blueberry, a retired wedding horse from the Bay Area, will be joined by the adorable Dutch Brothers, a trio of triplet goats named One, Zero, and Oreo.

While the farm offers a wide range of attractions, its primary focus remains on providing the finest fruits, including peaches, plums, and nectarines, handpicked from the top of the trees for maximum sweetness. They also grow their own watermelons. Inside the store, visitors can find an assortment of local honey, jams, dried fruits, nuts, and unique handmade home decor crafted by members of the Strambi family.

The pumpkin patch at Sunflower Farm Stand is a fall lover’s dream. Sweet corn bundles, pumpkins of all sizes, including sugar pies, jack-o’-lanterns, and other varieties, are available for purchase. There’s even a designated area for kids to play cornhole, bean bag games, and horseshoes. Visitors can also enjoy wagon rides with Blueberry, the friendly horse.

Sunflower Farm Stand is open seven days a week from 8 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., and wagon rides are available on Saturdays and Sundays from 9:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Additionally, the farm has planned some exciting events for the fall season. On October 20 and 28, a stage will be set up amidst the sunflowers for an evening jazz concert featuring Michael’s cousin, Larry Strombi’s, jazz band, complete with hors d’oeuvres and drinks. Tickets for these events can be purchased at the fruit stand.

As Michael aptly puts it, “Customer service is what we’re all about.” A visit to Sunflower Farm Stand promises not just incredible produce but also a memorable autumn experience for the whole family.

Don’t miss out on the fun-filled, fall activities at Sunflower Farm Stand, located at 18266 Kings Canyon Road, Sanger, CA 93657. For more information, you can reach them via email at strambi20@gmail[dot]com or by phone at 559-400-3211. Stay updated on their activities by following them on Facebook (@SunflowerFarmStand) and Instagram (@thesunflowerfarmstand), with TikTok content to come.

Molly is a Central Valley native, where she and her family live, work, and play. A graduate of CSU Fresno, she is actively involved in the local community and is proud to lift up those around her, shining light on the many wonderful people and organizations that make the Central Valley such a great place to live.


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