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Jackie Dale-The Cat Mother/Cat Trapper: Back in Business-Transport and Drama

by Jackie Dale

As I finished my last column, I was patiently waiting for the vet to return from vacation. She had already contacted me and set up appointments for the day after she got home on the 3rd. Meanwhile, someone dumped two friendly cats in my yard. Both males, one was fixed and one was not. The unfixed fellow is super fluffy and full of matted fur.

Valley Animal Center: New Spawtlight Webpage Sparks Interest in Long Term Adoptables

by Juan Guitron

At the start of January, Valley Animal Center implemented a new social media strategy to find their adoptables loving homes. We have recently introduced a new Spawtlight page in order to feature pets that have had trouble getting adopted. These poor adoptables are often overlooked by potential adopters for one reason or another. The goal is not only to highlight these animals but also to educate the public as to why animals have behaviors some deem undesirable.

A Valentine’s to Remember: Reminiscing with Raz & Blue

by Stephanie Cameron

For those of you who appreciate the spirit of Valentine's Day, I invite you to join me as I reminisce with some furry Valentine's of my own. Regular readers may recognize Blue (aka Blueberry) and Raz (aka Raspberry) when they were featured in December 2022. I was sadly unaware that their brother, Grape, would pass away unexpectedly only a few short months after that feature was published.

Jackie Dale-TheCatMother/Cat Trapper: Lots of Kittens/TNR/Look Back at 2023

by Jackie Dale

It has been a few months since my last column. There has been so much going on that finding the time to sit and write has proved quite elusive. I left off in mid-September as the vet was returning from an extended vacation. “Popeye” had just had successful eye surgery. He was subsequently adopted by my son as a companion for his other cat.

Fresno Bully Rescue: Rosco

by Becky Holly

We all know one or want to be one. That special someone who is older in age but so vibrant and energetic we wonder how they do it! We have one such amazing soul at Fresno Bully Rescue and his name is Roscoe. Roscoe is approximately 8 years old with a huge heart mixed with the personality, exuberance, humor and affection of a puppy.

Valley Animal Center: Long-Term Dog Faces Difficulties Adapting to Shelter Environment

by Juan Guitron

A common misconception is that animals in no-kill shelters are safe, and there is no rush to find a home. The truth is that pets often find it difficult to adapt to a shelter environment, especially for active dogs. Despite a shelter’s best efforts, the physical enrichment they receive is never enough, leading them to develop anxious and aggressive behaviors. Sadly, their mental and physical health deteriorates.