Labrador Retriever Rescue of Fresno: Eevee and Her Teddy

Apr 20, 2024 | 2024 Articles, Animal Rescue Adventures, Pets

by Stacy Lynch Dodd

Labrador Retriever Rescue of Fresno shares with us every other month about their rescue dogs.

Labrador Retriever Rescue of Fresno (LRRF) is pleased to offer you a very special two-for-one deal––adopt the fabulous Eevee and get a bonus teddy bear! You see, her teddy bear stuffie is her very bestest friend. He has been there through it all with Eevee––the death of her beloved person, witnessing the death of her companion dog, getting dumped at that scary shelter, the pain of her torn ACL, meeting that really nice Defender of Dogs person who rescued her, getting comfortable in her foster home, her subsequent TPLO (Tibial-Plateau-Leveling Osteotomy) leg surgery recovery––and now Eevee and her bear are finally ready to find their forever family. Wow! What a journey it has been!!! As you can probably tell, poor Eevee and her bear have been through it, but in classic Labbie style, Eevee’s capacity for love is endless and she is ready to love you!

Eevee and her Teddy

Eevee is a very sweet girl who has faced a lot of challenges in her four years on this earth. Understandably, it takes her a bit of time to trust new people. But please give her a chance to get to know you, as once she does let her guard down, her sweet and loving personality shines! Eevee is a playful girl who can occasionally be convinced to set down her teddy bear for a fun game of tennis ball fetch with you. Now that she’s had her TPLO surgery to repair her torn ACL, Eevee can run with the best of them! Eevee gets along with other dogs, but she would probably prefer a home where she is the one and only canine. Eevee has a lot of loving that she needs to make up for, after all! She has lovely house-manners and is house-, crate-, and leash-trained. No felines for Eevee though––they are too much fun to chase. Eevee is used to looking after herself, so sometimes she can be a bit headstrong and needs a dog-savvy family with no young children. She would love to find a family who will take her to training classes so you can learn all those cool tricks together. Eevee is pretty smart and loves a challenge!

Most of all, once Eevee lets you in, there is nothing she loves more than just being with you. You don’t have to do anything fancy or adventurous––just being by your side is enough for her. <3

Sweet Eevee has faced more tragedy and challenges in her short life than most dogs experience in a lifetime. Despite the adversity she has faced, she still has so much love in her heart. Eevee is seeking a special family who understands she will need extra support, patience, and love to gain her trust and build up her confidence. Eevee is a fun-loving darling girl; it just may take her some time to show her true self to you. Oh, but what a joy it is to watch a rescued dog blossom! It is truly a life-changing experience. If you have room in your home and heart for this amazing girl (and her teddy bear!) apply to adopt at!

The past year has been really tough as shelters and rescues have been inundated with dogs of all ages in need of families, and adoption rates have been on the decline. Sadly, so far 2024 is more of the same. We are overwhelmed and desperately need all the help we can get! We understand that not everyone is able to provide a permanent home for a dog, but there are still many ways you can help dogs in need in your community.

Not in a place to permanently adopt a Labrador, but still want to help out? Consider fostering! Fostering is the vital stepping stone to get a dog from homelessness to their forever family and provides an extremely rewarding experience. There is nothing like watching a scared dog learn to trust and love again and blossom into their true selves. LRRF provides all veterinary care, food, and supplies for foster dogs. However, we do ask that you live within an hour-or-so drive of Fresno in order to take your foster dog to our vet as needed. Please apply to foster at:

Not ready to foster, but still want to help? Consider making a tax-deductible donation to LRRF! We are a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization and 100% of all donations go to care for the dogs in our rescue. You can donate via PayPal on our website,, or via snail mail to LRRF, PO Box 1484, Clovis, CA 93613. LRRF covers all medical care for our dogs and we often take in high-need dogs like Eevee (Did you know the average TPLO surgery costs approximately $6,000!?), so we are always in need of monetary donations so we can help more dogs with complicated medical needs. Also check out our Amazon Wishlist which has a variety of supplies our Labradors always need.

If nothing else, please spay/neuter your pets, and educate and advocate for spay/neuter in your community! Please do not patronize backyard breeders as it perpetrates the cycle of neglect and abuse we so often see in rescue, and encourage your friends and family to do the same. Adopt! Shelters are full of wonderful dogs and cats just waiting for a family of their own.

We greatly appreciate your support and could not save dogs like Eevee without your help!

For more information on volunteering to help or for an adoption application, go to the LRRF website at

Check out more animal rescue stories in our Pet Perspective section and we would love to have you join our KRL Pets Facebook group. Advertise in KRL and 10% of your advertising fees can go to the rescue of your choice.

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  1. This dog rescue is a great place !! I have adopted a lab with perfect manners and he’s great looking! Friends have too so spread the good word. There fosters prime these pups for forever homes! Indeed they need extra love to gain trust but I imagine all of their dogs can become great family members!! Take a chance save a lab that won’t destroy your home like the typical lab pup! What’s better than a nearly turn key lab! It’s the right thing to do..:)


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