Lee Juslin

Luna Enjoys Delayed Puppyhood

by Lee Juslin

Luna, a little Scottie girl, had a rough start in life. She was part of a puppy mill where she was chained up 24/7 with a lot of other dogs. When Animal Control moved in to seize the dogs, Luna and the others were sent to a shelter. Luckily for Luna, the shelter called Greater NY/NJ Scottie Rescue, and she is now safe in the arms of rescue.

Snoopy: A Lover, Not a Fighter

by Lee Juslin

Snoopy is an eight-year-old Westie that was turned in by his owners and is now safely with Lone Star Westie Rescue. Taller and leaner than the Westie standard and weighing about twenty pounds, his foster mom, Kim, nevertheless feels he is a purebred Westie. She does think he was taken from his mom too soon as he suckles on his toys.

Col. Potter Welcomes Miri Meadow

by Lee Juslin

Miri Meadow, called Mayzee by her foster mom Sheron, is about twelve years old and is a petite girl at about ten pounds.
Sherron says Mayzee is very sweet. She follows Sherron everywhere, always looking up at her. Although Col. Potter Rescue doesn’t know a lot about her background, Sherron guesses she was picked up on the street either having gotten lost or discarded by previous owners. She is afraid of loud noises and suffers from separation anxiety.

No Kisses, Please

by Lee Juslin

Gerard is a mixed breed Col. Potter rescue that his foster mom, Eilene, thinks is part terrier and part Golden Retriever. But, she says he’s too silly to be a Gerard, so Eilene calls him Ratty.
Ratty loves attention. He is very sweet, has no problem with other dogs, and enjoys greeting visitors.



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