Lee Juslin

Whee! I can Fly!

by Lee Juslin

Valentina, at barely one-year-old, is still very puppy-ish. She is super active, loves toys, and is a very busy girl. Her foster mom says she jumps on the sofa and flies to nearby chairs or tables.
Valentina was purchased by a nice family from a pet shop, but they had no Scottie experience. In addition, the parents were very busy between working full time, their children’s school, and after school activities. Consequently, Valentina spent a lot of time alone in her crate.

Lindy The Parrot Says Hello

by Lee Juslin

Lindy was a double, yellow-headed, Panama parrot. He was given to my mother by her father around the time Lindbergh made his historic flight. So, of course, she named him Lindy. Lindy was well established in the family before my arrival. However, since parrots live almost as long as humans, he was a teenager and still pretty active when I was born.