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Valley Animal Center: Bear

IN THE September 16 ISSUE

FROM THE 2017 Articles,
andAnimal Rescue Adventures

by Joseph Riloquio

Bear is a 10-year-old male German Shepherd who was recently brought back to Valley Animal Centre after spending four years with his previous adopters. He was originally rescued from a local animal control agency and brought to VAC five years ago where he quickly became a staff and volunteer favorite. His huge personality combined with his size and fluffy fur coat earned him the name Bear.


by Sandra Murphy
& E.J. Copperman

Kay Powell has an entertainment background. Her mom, El, and dad Jay (J, K, L, get it?) were performers in the Catskills and now on cruise ships. Kay did her part for years until she felt too grown up and wanted to go to veterinary school. She ended up in law school instead. However, that can be managed if you go into a career of being an agent for animals.


by Lee Juslin

Picked up as a stray by a shelter, it was thought the little white dog was part Cairn, so the shelter people called Col. Potter Cairn Terrier Rescue.
The Col. Potter volunteers had their doubts about the background of the little dog they named Carousel, so they had her DNA tested. It turns out that little Carousel is fifty percent Chinese Crested and equal parts Chihuahua and Shih Tzu.


by Cynthia Chow

After sifting through memories and discovering the truth about her abusive childhood, Timber Creek, Colorado Deputy Mattie has fallen into a morass of distrust and depression. Therapy helps, but it still comes down to the fact that there is no one Mattie trusts enough to let down her guard, share secrets, or reveal emotions. Mattie has even distanced herself from the friendship she had formed with veterinarian Cole Walker, allowing only her K-9 partner Robo to remain close.


by Kathleen Costa

Ashley Adams was a “techie” with a dream of a life in spy support: decoding data, breaking through firewalls and hacking into secured systems, with her kindred spirit Ryan working along side her. But, without any good-byes, Ashley up and left for Paris…with Sergey…her new dream to be a world-renowned chef though she returns to Seagrass, Texas, two years later, leaving her troubles behind to open up a catering service specializing in French pastries.


by Cynthia Chow

The assistant director of lower Michigan’s Chilson District Library, Minnie Hamilton, is more than a little proud of the bookmobile program she has been running for the past year. She’s also grown accustomed to living on a tiny houseboat until the long winter sets in, at which time Minnie moves into her Aunt Frances’s unique matchmaking boarding house.


by Wendy Hunter

Some people collect snow globes and shot glasses, while others collect animals. They rescue the dozens of undernourished and unwanted dogs and cats roaming their neighborhood. The Hoarding Animals Research Consortium defines animal hoarding as: “having more than the typical number of companion animals; an inability to provide even minimal standards of nutrition, sanitation, shelter and vet care.


by Lupe Gore

When Milo the kitty showed up one day at a feral feeding station in a dark, trash-strewn alley in South Los Angeles, he was just one of the hundreds of thousands of cats and kittens in this huge city who might have once had a home, but were then dumped on the street: their owners die, move away, or simply don’t want a cat around any more, and they are left to fend for themselves.


by Harvie Schreiber

We’ve been seeing green at The Cat House on the Kings this summer! Thanks to the extra rain that we received this winter and spring, we have more greenery than we’ve seen in quite a few years. But sometimes the greenery doesn’t stay where it belongs. Early one August morning, our staff came to work before dawn only to discover that the driveway to The Cat House was completely blocked by a huge fallen tree.


by Shayla Oliver

On an average day, I run out of my house with dog hair and drool all over my leggings…looking like the tossed-away strip of a lint roller. But it’s cool. Most of the people I see first thing in the morning know how many dogs I tend to have in my home. I wake up two hours on the low end of enough sleep before I have to be out of the house, because I can have up to eight dogs that all need bathroom breaks, outside time, and breakfast before I can leave.

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by Sandra Murphy

Maddie James is home on Daybreak Island for her grandmother’s funeral. Grandma’s death wasn’t unexpected, but she’s mourned by all who knew her. At the gravesite, Maddie sees an orange tabby cat, friendly enough but frightened as mourners approach to offer their condolence.


by Lupe Gore

My name is Yo Yo, and if I say so myself, I am a handsome Angora-mix boy. I am 10 years old. Five years ago, I was taken to the shelter in Lancaster ( Los Angeles County ), California. I don’t know what I did that my people would take me there, but there were a lot of other cats in the shelter, all in cages, and if they didn’t get someone to pick them up after a few days they were taken out of the cages and put to death.


by Sandra Murphy

This time Jaine Austen (no relation to you-know-who) has it made. She’s been hired to write for a reality show set on an island near Tahiti. With neighbor Lance to mist her Boston fern daily and the okay to bring her cat Prozac along for the ride, she’s off to a tropical paradise.


by Stephanie Cameron

This month, instead of sharing someone else’s adoption story, I thought it was time I shared one of my own. I adopted Hazel from Rattie Ratz Rescue back in August of 2015. I needed a companion for a sanctuary rat who had just lost her sister. Hazel was the runt of the litter, a tiny black and white hooded baby, and my family fell in love with her instantly. Thankfully, my sanctuary girl Rowan also fell in love with little Hazel. They were happily living together within hours of being introduced.


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