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by Lee Juslin

Encino came to Col. Potter Cairn Terrier Rescue from a hoarding situation where he was in a yard with a total of ninety dogs. Terrified of being crated, he was not easy to rescue. However, surprisingly given the hoarding conditions, he is not aggressive; no growling or barking.


by Harvie Schreiber

So far this year, we’ve rescued almost 750 cats and kittens, and we’ve still got half the year to go. Summer is when The Cat House on the Kings is overrun with rescued kittens, and staff are overwhelmed by phone calls asking us to take in more. It’s also the time of year when, because of graduations, vacations and other distractions, giving tends to fall off, leaving The Cat House with more need and fewer resources.


by Sandra Murphy
& Cynthia Chow

So many mystery novels are coming out all the time it is impossible to keep up! So once again we find ourselves playing catch up with a wonderful group of new and fairly new mysteries-“Murder in Galway” A Galway Ireland Mystery by Carlene O’Connor, “A Dream of Death” An Antique Mystery by Connie Berry, “Murder She Wrote, Murder in Red” by Jessica Fletcher and Jon Land, “Thread on Arrival” A Mainely Needlepoint Mystery by Lea Wait, “The Scent of Murder” A Jazz Ramsey series by Kylie Logan, and “Antiques Ravin’” A Trash ‘n’ Treasures Mystery by Barbara Allan.


by Jackie Dale

This is an incredibly frenzied time of the year for those of us involved in freelance rescue. That is because it is full-blown kitten season, and it’s really bad this year. I spend a good portion of my day answering emails, texts, and phone calls as well as responding to Facebook tags. The shelter is hovering at around 70 kittens and a handful of adults, mainly mothers of kittens.

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by Lee Juslin

Donna is a nine-year-old purebred Scottie who has lived in the same home with her daughter, Bunny, all her life. Bunny is eight-years-old and a mix of Scottie and Affenpinscher with rather remarkable ears. Both are a bit overweight and had not been vetted since 2011.


by Cynthia Chow
& Bethany Blake

Piper has always been the favorite child. Daphne’s used to that. After all, Piper’s a veterinarian which means a regular income. She has her own home. Daphne loves to see the world, not much planning involved. Once home again, she started pet sitting and making dog treats. She’s living in a cottage on Piper’s property. And now, Piper’s getting married.


by Lee Juslin

Joey and Robbie, two miniature black Poodles, came from a breeder of show dogs and were very well cared for. So, when these two beautiful dogs were adopted by a woman, also in the dog show world, their good care and grooming continued, and, in fact, Robbie is a retired show dog.


by Arianna Padilla

Lovely Lizzie is a 12-year-old Shih Tzu who has been with us since early April. Lizzie was surrendered to us by her elderly owner, who was no longer able to care for her. We would love to see Lizzie adopted into a loving, caring home for the remainder of her life.


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by Lorie Lewis Ham

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by Lee Juslin

When Callie Mae came into Col. Potter Cairn Rescue she was a pudgy, thirty pounder, had a UTI, seventeen bladder stones, and ulcers on her corneas. She had been owned by an older couple, and when the husband died, the wife could not stay in her home, so she had to give up Callie Mae.


by Harvie Schreiber

It’s the time of the year when The Cat House on the Kings staff almost hate hearing the telephone ring. Some days are worse than others, but most days see as many as fifty people calling to ask if we can accept more cats and kittens. I took a moment to look through the intake notes for those kittens we have been able to take in, and they tell a sad story about the status of stray cats in the Central Valley.


by Harvie Schreiber

Last month, we mentioned that we’d rescued a sassy senior Savannah Cat (Serval cross) named Lindy. Since then, Lindy has continued to settle in at The Cat House on the Kings and has moved from Lynea’s house to her very own larger living space, where she can enjoy the fresh air, sunshine, wandering peacocks, and other cats. Both Lynea Lattanzio and The Cat House on the Kings RVT, Chrystyne Cordova, have been taking Lindy on walks around the grounds using a harness.


by Lee Juslin

Kimmie was found as a stray in New York City, but it was clearly obvious she had been someone’s well-loved baby. The busy, noisy city shelter was no place for sweet little Kimmie, and fortunately Col. Potter Cairn Rescue stepped up to give her a chance at a forever home.


by Sandra Murphy
& AR Kennedy

Cecilia has suffered a lot of loss lately. First, her beloved father-in-law died. Before she can adjust to his passing, her husband is killed in a work accident. She’s left in a house she didn’t pick, a town she didn’t choose, and with a dog she didn’t want. Ferris was always more Joey’s dog. A big, goofy, golden retriever, he’s uncoordinated, slobbery, and enthusiastic always. He’s not what she’d choose to be her family.


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