A Big Bark in a Small Body

by Lee Juslin

A friendly, mixed-breed girl, Christina, Tina to her friends, was living a good life with an older couple who loved her very much. Sadly, her humans got to the point where they needed to downsize and decided to sell their home and move to a mobile home park. In addition, Tina, as a young active girl, was just too much dog for the aging couple, and, with no yard to run in, they knew she would not be happy in the new home. Tina’s humans tried to re-home her with friends but could not find the right new home for her. They decided to list Tina as free to a good home on social media.

Jackie Dale The Cat Mother/Cat Trapper: And Even More Kittens!

by Jackie Dale

There has not been a lot of changes since last month. This is the typical lull that happens every year. The shelters and rescues are over-inundated with kittens. People are busy with graduations, etc. and adoptions tend to drop off. Once things settle down, hopefully adoptions will pick back up. I am really hoping that happens very soon. My kitten count has risen to twenty-eight kittens, one teen and one adult. Plus there are seven more in foster homes.

“Happy” Times at the Pet Shop

by T. C. Lotempio

In my new series, Urban Tails Pet Shop, the main character, former actress Shell McMillan, inherits a pet shop from her Aunt Tillie. How did I happen to decide on a pet shop for Shell’s profession? Well, I confess, poor Shell had quite a few occupations before I hit on Pet Shop. And the main reason for doing so was that an editor at the time wanted a series set in one. But once I started writing it, old memories came flooding back. I’ve had some pretty good times in pet shops.

Labrador Retriever Rescue of Fresno: Whiskey Pete

by Stacy Dodd

Howdy y’all! Labrador Retriever Rescue of Fresno (LRRF) is pleased to introduce you to one our amazing adoptable dogs, Whiskey Pete, a 1-1/2-year-old young Labrador mix who is full of that classic goofy Labrador energy! He is just one of the many Labradors in LRRF foster care looking for a loving family. LRRF is a non-profit 100% foster-based rescue run completely by volunteers. While Whiskey Pete sure does love entertaining his foster family, he is ready to move on and wiggle his way into the hearts of his forever family!

Rattie Ratz: Through Loss, a New Beginning is Made, The Story of Fern & Juniper

by Stephanie Cameron

With every ending there is hope of a new beginning and a second chance. Today’s feature follows the story of Fern and Juniper. They were very much beloved by their previous owner, but sadly, the owner was chronically ill. With their condition worsening, they no longer felt that they could care for the girls as they deserved, so they reached out to Rattie Ratz, a rescue located in the Bay Area of Northern California who specializes in fostering and rehoming domestic pet rats.

Valley Animal Center: Dogs like Darius need extra love this summer!

by Nou Her

A little over a year later in 2015, Darius was adopted only to be returned not even a month later because he was too “hyper.” He was adopted again in 2016. Sadly, this would not be Darius’s furever home. He was returned in 2020 because his owners were moving into a home where no pets were allowed. He has been in our care ever since and grows older each year as he waits for his new furever home. Today, he is eight years old and will celebrate his ninth birthday this August 20.

Feral Paws Rescue: In the World of Rescue

by Paula Hunsaker

Each non-profit rescue has there own views on who their rescue will be saving. Saving lives from kill shelters isn't an easy decision in the world of rescue and has many heartbreaks and nights of seeing the faces of the ones we couldn't save. Some we have to leave behind knowing those we can't save will most likely be euthanized in just hours after leaving a kill shelter. Don't think the faces left behind don't haunt a rescuer every day; seeing them reaching out to us as we walk by the kennels, as if begging to have there life saved. Rescue work isn't for everyone!

Animal Rescue of Fresno—Summer in the City

by Wendy Hunter

Well, well, well, my peeps, it’s just about that time again. The dog days of summer are almost upon us, spreading smiles and sunshine, bluebirds and butterflies, and swapping shoes for sandals. Ah, what a dream! But for some of us, these three stagnant months are only our nightmares come to life, haunting our very existence. This can only mean the beginning of the Good (ice cream), the Bad (triple digit degrees), and the Ugly (preposterous electric bills).

Jackie Dale The Cat Mother/Cat Trapper: The Golf Course Project/My Overworked Phone/Cat Holds Woman Hostage

by Jackie Dale

Since last month, things have not slowed down one bit. If anything, the pace has picked up until things really started to get crazy. Every kitten season, I traditionally lose five pounds because I’m either too busy or too tired to eat. With approximately twenty-two kittens and several adults here this month, it takes about two hours to feed and clean up after everyone. Then some of the kittens are moved into outside play tents for fresh air and sunshine.



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The gold medal for all-around wonderful kitty could easily go to darling Chicken Little! This cutiepie never misses an opportunity to hoot it up with her friends, explore any nook or cranny, and make it her mission to check out whatever happens to be going on. Chicken Little came along way after suffering a toe injury calling for immediate amputation. She's all better now and you can't even notice she's missing a rear toe. What an adorable combination she is of fun-loving spirit and sweet, deep affection, a girl who will easily capture hearts in a forever family that cherishes her. Precious Chicken Little would love to be your most darling doll! Check her out on the Cat House website to learn more.