Valentine’s Day

Serving Up SpiteBy Devon Delaney: Review/Giveaway/Valentine’s Day Post

by Tracy Condie
& Devon Delaney

In book 8 of the Cook-Off Mystery series, it seems that strife and cold weather have come to the town of Augustin, Connecticut in the way of an age-old argument about progress versus tradition. As with all Sally Oliveri books, there is a new cooking contest for Sally to participate in when she isn’t solving the mystery, and wonderful recipes are shared at the conclusion of the mystery.

Wined and Died in New Orleans By Ellen Byron: Review/Giveaway/Guest Post & Recipe

by Sandra Murphy
& Ellen Byron

Ricki James-Diaz runs Miss Vee’s Vintage Cookbook and Kitchenware Shop located in the Bon Vee Culinary House Museum. There was trouble there recently, and the staff is trying to move on, regain their balance, and stay safe during hurricane season. It’s Ricki’s first and she finds herself checking the weather app a lot.

Strawberries & Poetry For Valentine’s Day

by Joan Leotta

Chocolate-covered strawberries are considered a love-treat to go along with champagne, especially on Valentine's Day. For me, it is the berries themselves that speak of love, as they did to the Cherokee people. If I were writing a mystery, I might add something nefarious to the sliced berries, but this poem was written with my one true love, my husband, in mind, so it is simply a statement of the joy of making up. Hope you enjoy strawberries.

Unconventional Valentines

by Kate Lansing

Now that we’ve settled into the New Year, commercial attentions have shifted to the next major holiday: Valentine’s Day. Which happens to be when my latest book, Mulled to Death, takes place. As such, I thought it’d be fun to share a bit of my inspiration for incorporating the purported day of love.

Cooking Together: A Real Love Story for Valentine’s Day

by Margaret Mendel

Time has an interesting way of blending the present with a bit of lingering tastes from the past. Some days when I look back and remember falling in love with my husband, it doesn’t feel like it was all that long ago. But over four decades later my feelings for him are still strong, and though it would be hard to have realized back then, my love for him has only grown stronger.

Mimi Lee Reads Between the Lines By Jennifer J. Chow: Review/Giveaway/Guest Post

by Cynthia Chow
& Jennifer J. Chow

Mimi Lee has never been happier. The success of her pet grooming business Hollywoof continues to grow, with there being no shortage of Los Angelinos willing to indulge and pamper their companions. Pedicures, bling, dyed periwinkle hairdos – Mimi has seen it all and is more than willing to do her best to ethically and safely match their whims. Even her sister Alice is finding joy teaching at Roosevelt Elementary, as her new Principal is more welcoming than her previous boss and always willing to hand out hugs.

Sauvigone for Good By J.C. Eaton: Review/Giveaway/Valentine’s Day Post

by Kathleen Costa
& J.C. Eaton

Blame it on an itch! When Norrie tried to scratch it, she ended up volunteering to be on Catherine Trobert’s subcommittee for WOW, Wineries of the West. Norrie was not going to be alone with Catherine, who tirelessly tries to set Norrie up with her son Steven, so a well-place kick landing on her friend Theo’s ankle, and the group became three.