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Kathleen Costa

by Kathleen Costa

Mae and her adoptive mother, Mary Elizabeth Moberly, have begun to heal their former tumultuous relationship, so Mae invites Mary to join her on a hike to check out the new trail set up by the Old Train Station Motel. However, Mary’s choice to be more fashionable than practical is problematic; she slips, falls, and winces in excruciating pain.


Scott & Bailey On BritBox Streaming

IN THE November 14 ISSUE

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andKathleen Costa,
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by Kathleen Costa

It’s North West England, and murders from gangland conflicts to family scrabbles from crimes of passion to serial killers to historical cases are investigated by Syndicate Nine Major Incident Team (MIT) as part of the Manchester Metropolitan Police. The group is lead by Detective Chief Inspector Gill Murray (Amelia Bullmore; credited for some writing) whose tough, by-the-book manner is tempered with keen intellect, compassion, and a bit of a sharp tongue. Her team includes several capable professionals, but not without their weaknesses and flaws.


by Kathleen Costa

A bookstore has finally come to Sugar Creek Gap. The Old Mill Book Store is set to open in, of course, the old mill building, and everyone is all agog about its premier event…a book signing with a new author who has burst onto the literary scene with an exciting, and steamy, romance novel. Twenty-three-year-old Stella Jane Clark grew up in Sugar Creek Gap, and as a high school student, she found her literary voice, inspired and fostered, she says, by her high school English teacher, Grady Butler.


by Kathleen Costa

Ellie is enjoying her Florida vacation. Of course, in between a couple of pesky murders she was successful at solving, she relaxes by the pool, strolls on the beach, and heads over to the Bar & Grill for a cool cocktail, spicy treat, and some people watching. Today’s people watching included some awkward eavesdropping. Not on purpose, you know, Ellie overhears Walter Saunders, a wealthy guest, deep in conversation with his “not gonna remain silent” business partner, but when the conversation goes from gators to scorpions, she tries to find something else to occupy her interests.


by Kathleen Costa
& Kim Davis

Emory’s life is more hectic than busy, but getting embroiled in a family squabble could be dangerous. Experimenting with a new cupcake flavor she plans to showcase at Tillie’s upcoming pre-Halloween party, she nearly flambés the kitchen. This doesn’t go well with Tillie’s eldest, and pretentious, grandson Theodore, but the youngest grandson Brian is a lot more helpful. Emotions, however, go ballistic when, only weeks after the unsolved hit and run death of wife number three, Skylar Senior introduces his fourth trophy wife whose age, manner, and details of their whirlwind romance solicit questions about background, motives, and prenups.


by Kathleen Costa

It’s MO fun, MO food, MO murder? Muriel Bright is at her best showcasing pancetta-wrapped peach slices (recipe included) for a studio filled with eager fans of her cooking show and bantering with her friend and co-host Ophelia Cheval, but a burned tongue, minor electric shock, and an almost Jerry Springer-type confrontation forces her to “time stretch” and defuse the situation with a few Kitchen Witches hidden under chairs.


by Kathleen Costa

BritBox offers a variety of programming options for a reasonable monthly or annual fee. There are movies, documentaries, and television comedies and dramas enough to binge or just for a quiet respite. These days afternoons have been perfect for binging all-time favorite comedies like Are You Being Served?, Are You Being Served? Again, and The Vicar of Dibley, then exploring some engaging dramas like Scott & Bailey, DSI Bancroft, and Casualty 1900s London Hospital. This past month two surprises popped up with new police dramedies McDonald & Dobbs and Wild Bill. Check out the trial offer.

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by Kathleen Costa

Mae is always trying to make Happy Trails a full-service campground. This year she’s added a variety of water sports to the “things to do” since the local company that she counted on was forced to close down. Mae doesn’t have a lot of experience with kayaking, canoeing, white-water rafting, and fishing, so why not jump into the deep end of the pool with Paddle Fest, a weeklong summer festival, and to make it more exciting, she’s reintroducing the kayak competition with contestants arriving from all over the country which includes future Olympian Bryce Anderson.


by Kathleen Costa

Passengers hoping to explore the ports of call head over to the Port Adventures and book a exciting excursion from up close animal interactions to once-in-a-lifetime explorations. Not always the easiest task for Lexi when one wants “this” and another wants “that,” but it is rewarding to help create forever memories. Her first client of the day arrives and turns into an unexpected reunion. Josie Brooks was a close childhood friend, but her parent’s divorce caused Josie to move away and the two friends to lose contact. Now, she stands in front of Lexi as the recently knotted Mrs. Phillip Edwards with a obscenely large diamond ring perched on her finger.


by Kathleen Costa

PBS is an easy, free way to see some favorite and popular U.K. mysteries and police procedural with access to Masterpiece Mystery on KVIE and KVIE2 (Sacramento) and KQED (San Francisco). Every year Endeavour shows up, but with infrequent reruns the rest of the year. Father Brown is a regular with weekly reruns from the current and some of the previous seasons. I also make regular weekly visits to watch favorites like Vera, Death in Paradise, Prime Suspect, Grantchester, Morse, Lewis, Midsomer Murders, The Dr. Blake Mysteries and more although not the full series and not all the time. However, even with issues of regularity, variety, and completeness, PBS is a good way for many to enjoy these popular favorites.


by Kathleen Costa

When Max barks, Georgie listens, but this time it’s a more pleasant command. She’s expected to step in as a PR substitute and attend a cocktail party in the historic canal district of Venice, California. The evening will showcase guest of honor and jazz singer Kay Garland accented with excellent food with a “Big Easy” flare.


by Kathleen Costa

Shady Pines Resort is hosting their own version of the Great British Baking Show competition to highlight Florida’s iconic dessert…Key Lime Pie. Five competitors of varying age, background, temperament, and experience vie for an all-inclusive vacation as first prize. It is described as quite a culinary coup to get former TV chef, now food critic, Chad Coleman to agree to judge, and since Ellie has made a name for herself with her last success uncovering a murderous resort guest, she’s been asked by the resort owner to act as a judge in a runner-up contest…delicious, she thinks!


by Kathleen Costa

Missy is in awe of the beautiful Honeycutt Hall, a mansion situated on an old sugar plantation. With its own private chapel, it’s the perfect site for the wedding between heiress Lorelei Honeycutt and Wesley Carmichael. Everything is set for the ceremony, but the bride is near hyperventilating over her veil. Missy is very familiar with last minute jitters, changes in opinions, and unreasonable demands, but she is very good at her job. Although there was that veil incident with Stormie Lanai, local newscaster in Baton Rouge, making each not very glad to see one another at the festivities.


by Kathleen Costa
& Wendy Tyson

The Von Tresslers were not normal members of the small Pennsylvanian community. With their wealth and attitude, they essentially kept themselves separated from the townspeople shunning invitations to join in, participate, or patronize local businesses along with poaching all the contractors in the area to build their mansion on the hill no matter to what projects they had already committed.


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