9 Valentine’s Gifts Your Partner Won’t Expect

Feb 8, 2020 | 2020 Articles, Community

by Dylan Bartlett

Flowers and chocolate are nice, but they’re expected. They’re a staple of Valentine’s Day, more likely to earn a polite “Thank you” and a smile than any real gratitude. So why not get your sweetheart a gift they’ll never expect?

There are a lot of fun ways to surprise your darling, and you don’t need much money to make it happen. Draw inspiration from the list below and prepare to wow your special someone this February.

1. Say It With a Song
Do you remember that warm, sappy feeling you got when you heard someone dedicate a song on the radio? You can recreate that moment, and you don’t need to call your local station.

All you need is your smartphone to show that special someone you’re thinking about them. Post a personalized song to social media so your sweetheart can sit back and enjoy the envy of their friends.

2. Get a Personal Star
While you can’t officially name a star, several commercial companies let you symbolically dedicate one to your sweetheart. Take your loved one out stargazing and show them the gift you got in their honor.

Best of all? You can make a wish each year on your anniversary.

3. Try Ghost Hunting Together
Some spooky couples prefer to celebrate a second Halloween instead of indulging in hearts and chocolate. Grab a ghost hunting app and head to a nearby haunted locale.

Always keep safety paramount and avoid locations where you’d be trespassing.

4. Make Their Homecoming Welcoming
When you pull up to your darling’s house, does it scream, “Welcome home?” If not, why not spruce up their curb appeal? You can apply a fresh coat of paint to doors and shutters to revive a drab aesthetic.

A lot of these projects are easy to complete in a morning or afternoon. If your loved one has mentioned their interest in a new look, take the initiative and surprise them!

5. Create a Backyard Campsite
What’s more romantic than sleeping out under the stars? String up some fairy lights for ambiance and start a fire in the pit if you have one. You can enjoy your traditional chocolates in the form of s’mores.

6. Hit Up a Poetry Slam or Open Mike Night
Are you the creative sort? Why not head out to an open mike night or poetry slam at a nearby pub? Bonus points if you dedicate an ode or a tune and perform it for your loved one.

7. Sign Up for a Cooking Class

Have you tried going out to eat on Valentine’s Day? The restaurants are all packed, and the service leaves you feeling neglected even when they do their best. Who wants to spend more than a Benjamin on lukewarm food served in a chaotic environment?

Instead, sign up for a cooking class with the one you love. You can whip up a personal feast at home and skip the madding crowds.

8. Craft Pottery Together
Remember that iconic scene in Ghost with Demi Moore and Patrick Swayze? Why not recreate that romance by creating pottery together? You can find small specialty shops with wheels that enable you to design wares yourself.

Whether or not you croon “Unchained Melody” while you get your hands dirty is entirely up to you — but it adds a romantic touch.

9. Learn to Give a Proper Massage
If the one you love is a walking ball of stress, you could treat them to a day at the spa. However, if you’re low on cash flow, why not recreate the experience at home?

You can learn how to give a proper massage and blend personalized oils with their favorite essential scents. Follow it by letting them soak in a tub littered with rose petals.

Woo Your Valentine With These Unexpected Gifts

Your significant other will never expect gifts like these. Forget the flowers and chocolate, and skip the expensive reservation. This February, surprise the one you love!

Dylan Bartlett is a blogger from the City of Brotherly Love writing about recipes, health and wellness, and similar topics on his site, Just a Regular Guide. Follow his Twitter @a_regular_guide for frequent updates!


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