Strawberries & Poetry For Valentine’s Day

Feb 8, 2023 | 2023 Articles, Books & Tales, Mysteryrat's Maze

by Joan Leotta

Chocolate-covered strawberries are considered a love-treat to go along with champagne, especially on Valentine’s Day. For me, it is the berries themselves that speak of love, as they did to the Cherokee people. If I were writing a mystery, I might add something nefarious to the sliced berries, but this poem was written with my one true love, my husband, in mind, so it is simply a statement of the joy of making up. Hope you enjoy strawberries.

By Joan Leotta

Cherokee love fruit.
Tossed in the path
of an angry wife
racing away after
her husband
disappointed her,
worked their magic when
seeing their
ruby red beauty,
she tasted one and its
sweetness charmed
her. Anger melted.

I think on this as I slice
these heart shaped treats
for my dearest and myself.
We argued this morning.
I pick up a slice, eat it
then walk into the living
room to give him a kiss.
Love is the sweetest fruit.

About Joan’s new poetry book Feathers on Stone:
An award-winning story performer and poet, Joan Leotta’s poetic work is very narrative in nature and bridges the gap between poetic expression and everyday love of story. Leotta’s latest book of poetry tells of her love for family, friends, and nature.“Relationships are at the core of everything, and as a poet, I look at the world with a constant sense of wonder—this book shares my thoughts on those subjects.” Poems include award winners, nominees for Best of the Net.

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  1. Feathers on Stone sounds like a lovely book. I have added it to my TBR list.

  2. Joan, you hit it out of the berry patch. Paula


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