Reedley High School Happenings

by Billiann Robertson

Reedley High has been full of busy Pirates. These last few months of the school year have been anything but relaxing for students. Students involved in the drama club to student council have had weeks and weekends filled with events to handle. From prom to Powder Puff, Pirates show their dedication in making the last few months of the year the best ones. Seniors are preparing for the June 10th graduation while the rest of the school gets ready for summer break and the fresh start of a new year.

Teen Poetry Corner: May Winners!

by Teen Poets

These poems were mostly written by local teens who won our May Teen Talk poetry contest. The contest is generally open to anyone age 14-19 in the Kings River area, but when we got an entry from Texas we thought that was so cool we included hers in the winners this month. Take advantage of this chance to have your poem published online and available for everyone to read! Any subject or type of poem will be considered with 3 to 5 poems selected at the end of most months. Since it's Memorial Day weekend one of the winners we picked is a Memorial Day poem she wrote last year.

My Years in Reedley High School Choir

by Jessica Ham

Music, laughter, joy, and friendship: that’s what choir is. Choir, to me, is the most fun a person can have in their 4 years of high school. You learn fun music with your friends. You make fun of Choir teacher Randy Lepp. You dance at the end of the year for the final concert. You go on trips to far away places. You meet new people. In choir you get to experience things you never would be able to otherwise.

RHS Asian Persuasion Excursion: Traveling to the Past

by Ronny Schmitz

Living in this homely and secluded town called Reedley gives one the illusion that the world is small and simple. In only ten minutes one can get to the market, the local park, or the one “hectic” street that has enough restaurants to fulfill the needs of every town member. Everything is at arm’s reach. With a single walk around the block, a person can spot the favorite teacher she had as a child, the elderly dog that was once filled with robust energy, and three neighbors that she greets daily.