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Jun 4, 2011 | 2011 Articles, Education, Reedley News, Teens

by Billiann Robertson

Reedley High has been full of busy Pirates. These last few months of the school year have been anything but relaxing for students. Students involved in the drama club to student council have had weeks and weekends filled with events to handle. From prom to Powder Puff, Pirates show their dedication in making the last few months of the year the best ones. Seniors are preparing for the June 10th graduation while the rest of the school gets ready for summer break and the fresh start of a new year.

Reedley High Spring sport teams have made the school proud with five league wins, including boys’ golf, boys and girls swimming, boys’ volleyball, and girls’ softball. Teams began practice in February and along with the other athletic teams, really proved their skill in the North Yosemite League.

Air Guitar 2011 showed just how many talented students there are in the school. D.J. Reimer took best of show with his hilarious teacher impressions. Talented students in the choir, band, and drama program have also contributed in entertaining not only the school but the town. The drama program’s amazing show of the musical Annie pulled in a large audience every showing. Lead actors from the High School included Lana Rotan, Jessica Ham, Skyler Quammen, D.J. Reimer, and Meg Clark.

Annie: left to right Meg, D.J., Heidi, Skyler, Jessica

The band and choral programs have been working the past couple of months on their Festivals and Spring concerts. Both the Concert and Symphonic bands received a Superior rating along with the Concert and Madrigal choirs. Not only did the art programs accomplish this, but also managed to put on great spring concerts. If you missed either of these, you missed out on great musical renditions of popular tunes put on by many musically talented students. Jessica Ham won vocalist of the year and Lana Rotan won the Director’s Award for choir. Elizabeth Hull received the Louis Armstrong Jazz Award as well as the top band honor and scholarship the Arion Award.

RHS Madrigals at Spring Concert

The student council organized a very inspirational “Spring Peace Week”. The week consisted of dress up days and lunchtime activities. Spring Week closed with a moving rally that encouraged the end to gang violence and drunk driving. Motivational speakers, school counselors, videos, and even rappers were used to motivate a move towards the better at Reedley High. The rally was very inspirational and students ended the peace week with a great Cruising For Jesus car show and food booths at lunch.

The student council also put together prom 2011 at the Grand 1401 in Fresno. The location along with great decorations and chaperones dressed as famous old Hollywood stars fit the “Hollywood Rendezvous” theme perfectly. Students had a fun, safe time and everyone thought it ended the year’s dances with a bang.

Billiann & friends at Prom

The senior class girls pulled a huge win over the junior girls in Powder Puff 2011. Students and parents came out to watch the game and the halftime show put on by the “cheerleaders” who were actually boys showing their support for the girls’ teams. The boys and girls all began practicing two weeks prior to put on a great game and a hilarious halftime show.

Boys cheering the girls at Powder Puff

The senior class is now only days away from being the next graduating class of Reedley High. Some seniors celebrated at grad night in Disneyland on Thursday night and all seniors will celebrate at sober grad following the graduation ceremony on June 10th.

With the end so close, all of Reedley High is looking forward to the future year, whether it be working, going away to college or another year as a Pirate. Summer vacation look out for the Pirates of Reedley High, they are ready!

To learn more about some of these events check out past KRL articles: D.J. Reimer at Air Guitar, RHS Choir, Annie and Prom, and watch for an article on RHS Graduation.

Billian Robertson is 16 years old, personal assistant to our publisher and a contributor to our Teen Talk section who has a real appreciation for the area, with expectations of settling here after college.


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