The Forgotten Prince By Kaitlyn King: Review/Giveaway/Local Author Interview

by Kiana Wall

The Forgotten Prince, Kaitlyn King’s first book in the More than Conquerors series, is a fast-moving, action-packed novel telling a tale of princes, a mysterious priest, and a greedy king. Set in the secret-filled kingdom of Endor, the story is well-written. The twisting plot is a clever combination of humorous dialogue, daring adventures, and inspiring lessons inadvertently told along the way.

Reedley High At Home

by Asami Nelson

Although Reedley High made the difficult decision to close campus for the rest of the school year amid concerns about student and public health, teachers and staff are still working to continue providing students with quality education. Classes have shifted from the classroom to computers and phones with the use of a variety of apps. Google Classroom provides students with a way to virtually access assignments, notes, and ensure that they are completing tasks.

Reedley High School Constitution Club

by Asami Nelson

A solid foundation in the knowledge of our political system is an important part of being an American citizen. Luckily, for students at Reedley High, the new Constitution Club on campus provides an opportunity for students to discuss not only the federal government, but also political institutions on the state and local levels. Nearly a year of preparation and discussion was involved before the club could be officially established.

The Sports Medicine Club at Reedley High

by Asami Nelson

The Sports Medicine Club at Reedley High has been an important part of the school’s athletic programs since 1987. The club not only learns about the different injuries athletes may sustain during play, but also the methods which they undergo in rehabilitation and physical therapy. Students are provided with the opportunity to gain practical experience by assisting after school at the athletic training facility with the certified athletic trainer.

Reedley High School Teacher Profile: Bladmir Pizano

by Asami Nelson

Learning the history of the entire world and its many nations is a complex task, but Bladmir Pizano has been assisting students at Reedley High to understand the timelines and events of human civilization for 24 years. Not only does he teach World History, he also teaches AP (Advanced Placement) World History—a college-level class directed towards students who are willing to challenge themselves—and Mexican American/Latin American History. In addition, Pizano is an instructor for the AVID classes, which help students prepare for college and develop positive study habits that will assist them to become academically independent.

New Band Director Lee Schneider at Reedley High School

by Asami Nelson

A new band director is welcomed into the Big Green Marching Machine as Lee Schneider makes her way into Reedley High School from Rock Valley, Iowa. She previously taught middle school bands in the Rock Valley Community School District where she spent most of her time teaching small group lessons or even individual ones. Schneider earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Music Education and her Master’s in Clarinet Performance from the University of South Dakota.

Reedley High School Badminton Team

by Asami Nelson

Keeping a ball from touching the ground may seem like a difficult feat, but imagine doing this with a small, cone-shaped object weighing about five grams. The ladies of Reedley High School’s Badminton team master this feat using a thin, lightweight racquet, with months of diligent practice and relentless effort. This indoor sport may seem like a typical picnic activity, but the girls aren’t here just to play.