Local Reedley High Student Becomes YouTube Sensation

May 28, 2011 | 2011 Articles, Reedley News, Teens

by Skyler Quammen

D.J. Reimer is a sophomore who attends Reedley High School and recently had a short comedy routine at the annual Reedley High School air guitar talent show. In this routine, D. J. entertained the crowd by doing impressions of the RHS teachers and staff.


I asked D.J. how he got the idea to imitate his teachers. He told me that when his parents would ask about school he would do his impressions for them. Eventually he started doing them for friends and someone from his choir class said that he should do it for air guitar, and of course he took the opportunity.

The setting for his routine is that the school is having a faculty meeting to discuss the Chromes Disease the students had been getting from the toilet paper. D.J. did impressions of Mr. Aruda, Mr. Kauk, Mrs. Adams, Mr. Deibert, Ms. Bray, and others. Most of the impressions in my opinion were very accurate. He managed to not only entertain the students but the adults and even the teachers.

I asked D.J. whether his plans after high school included comedy. “Yes, I was considering a career in politics, and I learned that Robin Williams had wanted to do the same thing. He is kind of my inspiration.” D.J. told me that he hopes to someday do standup comedy. D.J. has also done his impressions at the Reedley Street Faire while he was the M.C. for the KRL entertainment stage and he plans on being an M.C. for air guitar next year. He has mentioned possibly doing some impressions of celebrities as well. D.J. has also been involved in local theatre for several years.

D.J. as Mike TeeVee in Willy Wonka last year at RHS (also pictured James Tasy as Wonka)

His impressions can be found on YouTube. Thanks to how many views it got in the short period of time that it has been on YouTube, D.J. was offered an advertisement deal with them. Every time someone clicks on the link at the bottom of the video, he gets a small amount of money. The more clicks, the more money he gets per click. So if you like the video make sure to click and keep an eye out for this budding star. Perhaps we’ll be able someday to say we knew him when!

Skyler Quammen is 16 & attends Reedley High School. He considers himself a music fanatic with a passion for The Beatles. He recently discovered a love for acting & intends to make a career out of either acting in, or directing movies or plays. Skyler also enjoys writing, & has tried his hand at writing songs.

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