Strawberries & Poetry For Valentine’s Day

by Joan Leotta

Chocolate-covered strawberries are considered a love-treat to go along with champagne, especially on Valentine's Day. For me, it is the berries themselves that speak of love, as they did to the Cherokee people. If I were writing a mystery, I might add something nefarious to the sliced berries, but this poem was written with my one true love, my husband, in mind, so it is simply a statement of the joy of making up. Hope you enjoy strawberries.

The Labyrinth Art Collective

by Lorie Lewis Ham

There is a black box theatre performance space on Van Ness in the Tower District that has hosted many different groups and gone by several different names since I started covering the arts in Fresno. Last year, something new started there called The Labyrinth Art Collective and recently we chatted with one of the people who run it, Alicia Rodriguez, to learn more about what they do. She runs it together with her partner Matt Comegys.

Inner Ear Poetry Slam

by Mallory Moad

If I say “poetry,” what comes to mind? Is it a Shakespeare sonnet or The Cat In The Hat? Perhaps it's a name: Robert Frost, Emily Dickinson, Jack Kerouac, Gil Scott Heron. We've all encountered poetry, in one form or another, at some point in our lives. But what's the best way to truly experience poetry? How about a poetry slam?

LitHop 2017: Ghosts, Wombs, and Crazy Moons

by Sarah A. Peterson-Camacho

LitHop 2017, an annual literary festival founded last year by former Fresno Poet Laureate Lee Herrick as a fundraiser for the Fresno Arts Council’s poetry programs, kicked off last Saturday, April 29, in an array of venues around Fresno’s Tower District. Forty diverse readings spread out over five hours, featuring the work of more than 150 writers, explored themes of love, hate, sex, violence, politics, motherhood, cultural identity and heritage, and feminism.