Teen Poetry Corner June 2013

Jun 1, 2013 | 2013 Articles, Teens, Terrific Tales

by Teen Poets

This time our poetry contest is a little different–we only had one entrant so here is our winner of the Teen Talk poetry contest. The contest is open to anyone age 13-19. Any subject or type of poem will be considered with five or more poems selected each time, details below.


Endless Staircase
by Wesley Scott Bucher, Sophomore
Immanuel High School, Reedley, CA

Going up the endless staircase,
Around and around we go.
Never giving up,
Don’t slow down.
Although your enemy is fierce,
Like a lion, quick and strong,
Forever you must chase him, forever you must go.

Forever chasing, forever fighting,
In the dark, in the light.
Getting beaten down, get up again.
Help is coming, never fear,
In your never-ending war.
No, failure is not an option, but
God alone can know your pain.

But for one thing, it would be impossible,
All the stairs you must climb.
Lord of Lords, King of Kings,
Ruler of All, God almighty.
Of this you can be certain,
God in heaven in heaven is on your side.

Nay, though the mountain is steep,
Enormously tall and sheer, although
Various tests and hardships are sapping my
Ever-decreasing strength,
Releasing my hold is not an option.

With my strength ebbing
In the middle of my struggle,
Letting go becomes more desirable, relief
Lures me to release my hold. Yet,

I will never let go.
Little do I care about relief to
End my pain and my sorrow.
To surrender is not an option
Giving up is letting go
Of my pride, dignity and integrity

Ages of Man
by Wesley Scott Bucher, Sophomore
Immanuel High School, Reedley, CA

Since Sparta fell at Thermopylae,
The darkened days have gathered fast

Ages of Man have come and gone
And yet they say we must still act on
An anthem flurry of yet last
Since Sparta fell at Thermopylae
And as of old when one would bear upon
Thundered and decayed with an encapture avast
Ages of Man have come and gone
The decrepit plain, nigh succumbs
Envigorates a ghastly wail
Since Sparta fell at Thermopylae
Yet into unfathomable lethe,
The avengeance of East might had cast,
Ages of Man have come and gone
The crepuscule of the Shahs have eclipsed
The first have fallen to the last
Since Sparta fell at Thermopylae
Ages of Man have come and gone.

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