Mallory Moad

Spectral Raven Theatre Company Presents Red Fiend

by Mallory Moad

Blame it on Uncle Joe. Local professor, playwright, and director of spooky spectacles, Maria Coon, credits this beloved family member with inspiring her love of horror literature and films. And just in time for Halloween, Maria will once again be sharing her favorite genre with a part audience-immersive, all scare-the-pants-off-you production, Red Fiend.

Nate Butler At The Silent Movies

by Mallory Moad

“I’ve been a fan of silent movies since before I ever saw one.” Those are the words of well-known local entertainer, Nate Butler. One of his many passions, Nate began reading about classic cinema when he was a kid. His fascination with old movies and their history began when he got his first library card at the age of seven, and he’s been soaking up information like a sponge – and generously sharing it – ever since.

Make Music Day in Fresno

by Mallory Moad

Dance like no one is watching. You know – don’t worry about what others may think, just jump around and wave your arms with wild abandon in an exuberant statement of self-expression. What if you sang like no one is listening? Or played a guitar or kazoo, or beat out a rhythm on a drum or box with a complete lack of self-consciousness, just for the sake of making music?

Central Valley Astronomers

by Mallory Moad

For thousands of years, the human race has been captivated by outer space. And ever since Galileo got a close-up look at the moon, stars, and planets through his telescope in the early seventeenth century, it seems we just can’t get enough of those celestial bodies. They’ve been celebrated in paintings, songs, and films. In 1889, Vincent Van Gogh presented his interpretation of the galaxies with his now famous painting, “Starry Night.”

Rogue Festival Reviews: Other People’s Showers/We’re Doomed/Anatomica/This Music is Making Me Thirsty/Worst. Rock and Roll. Name. Ever

by Mallory Moad

Dorian Follansbee’s Rogue show, Other People’s Showers, begins just there – in a shower. Speaking from behind a shower curtain over the sound of running water, Dorian offers musings on showers in a lengthy, charming monologue. But when she emerges, in her fuzzy bathrobe and hair in ponytails, the atmosphere changes.

Rogue Festival Reviews: The Jester of All Maladies/Inhibitionist(!)/Fringe Factor/A Steel Drum, a Melodica and a Graphic Novel Walk Into a Bar

by Lorie Lewis Ham, Terrance McArthur
& Mallory Moad

The Rogue Festival is here! Here are more of our Rogue Festival show reviews! There will be many more to come! We also have several Rogue Performer Preview articles that have been going up over the last few weeks.

Tony Imperatrice & This Music is Making Me Thirsty at Rogue 2023

by Mallory Moad

Most of us have seen one-person shows. Whether it be stand-up comedy, a dramatic monologue, or a musical presentation, it would appear that producing and performing in this simple form of entertainment is a piece of cake. You write and memorize your lines, jokes or songs, practice (maybe in front of your friends and family), then walk onstage to thunderous applause.

Local Actor Kp Phagnasay

by Mallory Moad

There was a time when, if a person wanted to pursue an acting career in film and television, moving to Los Angeles was a necessity. You had to be near the action and readily available for casting calls and auditions. But thanks to twenty-first century technology and, to a certain degree, the Covid 19 shutdown of 2020, a serious actor no longer has to relocate to La La Land in order to find employment. Just ask Kp Phagnasay, a successful working actor who makes his home in Fresno.