Shawn Williams: Local Actor/Dancer/Singer and Now Director

by Lorie Lewis Ham

KRL always enjoys taking a look behind the curtain of local theatre. We have interviewed actors, singers, dancers, directors, and more. This week we are interviewing someone who either has, or will be doing, most of those during his time in local theatre, Shawn Williams. Recently he was seen reprising his role of Buddy in Elf at Roger Rocka’s Dinner Theater, presented by Good Company Players.

Rogue Reviews 2017

by KRL Staff

Throughout the week we will be posting reviews here of Rogue shows! Check back several times a day! And then go out and enjoy the Rogue Festival! To check out our Rogue preview article & some Rogue performer preview articles go to our Arts & Entertainment section. We will also be posting some performer video interviews on our YouTube Channel. So far we have reviews of Joy Compactor, Tidal Surge, Dances to Heal the Soul, Poetry and Prose From Fresno State, Too Old To Be This Young, Delirium, The Magic of Elder, Discrete Packets of Song, My Cat Thinks It's A Pig, The Wallaby Way, Joan of Sn'arc, Moonlight After Midnight, A Fatal Step, Thanks For Coming, Healing Stories, Chelsea > Blake, and Stalking Grace.

Singin’ In The Rain: Dancing Up A Storm At Roger Rocka’s

by Lorie Lewis Ham

I have been a fan of the movie Singin' In The Rain starring Gene Kelly forever, and had the pleasure of seeing a touring company perform the stage version at the Saroyan about 20 years ago. So I was excited when I heard that they'd be doing it this season at Roger Rocka's, and I have to say that the tap dancing was amazing! That alone is a reason to hurry on over and see this show!

Dancing with the Stars Recap: Season 14, Episode 3

by Heather Parish

Sentiments ran high this week on Dancing With the Stars, as the dances revolved around each celebrity’s most memorable year. The stars told tales of their times of inspiration, loss, adversity and triumph. Some of the stars got so choked up that they had trouble answering hostess Brooke’s questions in the Celebriquarium! By the end of the program, feelings were laid bare, there were only 5 points between the high and low scores, and viewers were emotionally invested in Season 14. Cranky head judge Len Goodman proclaimed the entire night "Awesome!"