Baking Spirits Bright By Sarah Fox: Review/Giveaway

by Sandra Murphy

Larch Haven, Vermont is made for winter. It’s like an Italian city was transplanted into frigid temperatures. There are frozen canals to skate your way around town, the restaurant is called The Gondolier, the chocolate shop features chocolate gondolas filled with truffles. When Christmas is just around the corner, trees and windows are twinkling with lights, and a baking competition is underway. It seems everything is perfect.

How the Murder Crumbles By Debra Sennefelder: Review/Giveaway

by Cynthia Chow

Despite pursuing a degree and career in advertising, Mallory Monroe never lost her love for baking nor her memories of her Aunt Glenna’s beloved bakery. So, after her aunt’s death – and being bypassed for a promotion – Mallory makes the life-changing decision to buy the Cookie Shop and move to Wingate, Connecticut so she can run it. She’s still getting used to working with her aunt’s long-term and resistant-to-change baker Claudia Allen, but Mallory is optimistically promoting new cookie bouquets and hosting cookie decorating classes.

Butter Me Up Bakery: Another Delicious Discovery at Reedley Farmers Market

by Lorie Lewis Ham

Earlier this summer KRL made several trips to the Reedley Farmers Market taking place at Reedley College and made several delicious discoveries—from food trucks covered in our Great Food Search column, to great local coffee and bakeries! My personal favorite finds were Graceful Bakes, Zolú Café, and Butter Me Up Bakery! This week we are interviewing the owner of Butter Me Up, Leslie Valadez from Dinuba, California.

BooBoo Bean Bakery and Café

by Lorie Lewis Ham

Here at KRL we love to find unique places whether they be shops, cafes, or coffee shops. Recently we discovered one that also had a very unique name—BooBoo Bean Bakery and Café located in Fresno. It opened in January of 2018. I took some time to chat with the Café’s owner Jenny Rivera and the timing couldn't have been more perfect as they also offer holiday meals you can take home for the family--all of the great home cooking without any of the work.

Weekend desserts for the whole family

by staff

The weekend can be a great time to do some baking in the kitchen. You can include the kids to help create some tasty desserts and bake some cookies. Think about some of the desserts you have been craving and look up the recipes in your cookbook or online.

Aimee’s Vanilla Bean Bakery in Selma

by Destiney Warren

When Aimee’s Vanilla Bean Bakery opened in 2014, it was some of the biggest news in Selma...we are a relatively small town so new businesses are exciting! Since then Aimee’s has stayed a staple in the downtown that has welcomed some new businesses and said farewell to others. Situated on the corner of McCall and High Street, it’s one of the first storefronts you see when entering the downtown. The friendly window decorations and writing that states “Cupcakes” with a heart and then “Candy” invites you in to indulge or to satisfy a craving.

The Ben Lomond Baking Company

by Joelle Dingman

If you’re meandering through the California redwoods, making your way up Highway 9, you’ll eventually find yourself in the small, but charming town of Ben Lomond. There you’ll find numerous delightful and unique businesses, and in the heart of this quaint town you’ll find a wonderful Italian bakery nestled into the architecture of this iconic town in the beautiful and rustic valley.

How I Met My Dinner: Pies For The Holidays

by Alicia Lieu

I have very limited memories of pie from my childhood. In my family, fruit was mostly consumed as a dessert or snack, always in its raw form, and never cooked. Pie was something I associated with my Strawberry Shortcake Atari game where I had to avoid the bad guy, the Purple Pie Man. I discovered Marie Callender’s pies sometime during high school and I became addicted to their Fresh Strawberry pie.

The Beauty of a Bread Machine

by Nivedita Harish

The bread machine is a modern invention that does not get half the credit it deserves. When you compare bread machines to blenders, toasters and coffee makers, they are usually the last praised appliance in the kitchen. If you think about it, it really is a shame. Great kitchen appliances are praised since they make your life simpler. Making bread is one of the most labor intensive things you do inside your kitchen, and bread machines take the time consuming process out of that, making it easy and fast.