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Weekend desserts for the whole family


FROM THE 2019 Articles,
andFood Fun

by staff

The weekend can be a great time to do some baking in the kitchen. You can include the kids to help create some tasty desserts and bake some cookies. Think about some of the desserts you have been craving and look up the recipes in your cookbook or online. Make the choice of several mouthwatering desserts and get cooking. It can save everyone from having a boring weekend especially if it is cold or raining outside. It will be warm and smelling wonderful inside.paid post

Exotic Desserts
Think of making some exotic desserts using such fruits like pineapple and passion fruit. There are many delicious desserts you can make with papaya and mango like mango cake. Even though exotic dessert recipes might include ingredients which you do not have on hand, you can purchase them. One standard favorite has always been pineapple upside down cake. Many exotic desserts include the use of rums and other liquors and taste so great they really satisfy everyone’s sweet tooth.

Cakes That Grandma Used to Bake

There are people who prefer to bake cakes like they remember their grandmothers used to bake. Some have recipes saved from those days. You can find many different recipes online that will give you the delicious taste of yesterday like plum cake. Other recipes that grandma used to make include old-fashioned carrot cake, Grandma’s Red Velvet Cake, gingerbread with lemon sauce and many others. As you take a look at the recipes, they will bring you back to the days when grandma was making delicious desserts in the kitchen.

Coconut Pleasure
There are many delicious desserts you can make that include coconut as an ingredient. You can make coconut cream pie or coconut macaroons. Coconut always is an ingredient that makes a juicy dessert like pina colada cake. You can get coconut in many different kinds of ways. Coconut comes in slices, as a whole fruit, or already grated so there is no problem to include it in your baking.

So when you have a weekend at home, take the time to look through some recipes and decide what kind of delicious desserts you can make. Your family will enjoy them whether they are exotic or old-fashioned or made with coconut, as long as they are delicious and they are made with love. Weekends are also a great time to include your kids in the creating process especially those who have been eager to try their hand at baking. So make it a fun weekend and get everyone making desserts.

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