Farmers Market at Reedley College

May 6, 2023 | 2023 Articles, Education, Food Fun, Jim Mulligan, Reedley News

by Jim Mulligan

After a successful fall run, our hometown Reedley College is going for round two hosting a farmers market every Thursday evening for the next few weeks as we head into summer. The market brings together local farmers, food vendors, and artisans providing a unique opportunity for the community to support small businesses and purchase fresh, locally grown produce and homemade goods.

Reedley Farmers Market

Until June 15, Reedley College will be hosting its farmers market every Thursday evening. The market offers a wide variety of locally grown fruits and vegetables, including in season fruit and some exotic vegetables; the unique mushroom selection is fantastic if you’re into edible fungi. The market also features local honey, jams and jellies, and even Reedley College Olive Oil.

One of the highlights of the Reedley College farmers market is the opportunity to meet the farmers and vendors who produce the goods being sold. The farmers and vendors are happy to answer any questions about their products and share their knowledge about sustainable agriculture and food production. The market provides a great opportunity for the community to learn about the benefits of buying local and supporting small businesses.

Officer Hill and College Service Offer Quiz of the State Center Police Department take a look at some of the food choice they have at the Reedley College Farmers Market.

In addition to fresh produce and artisanal foods, the Reedley College farmers market also features live music and a variety of food trucks. Visitors can enjoy a wide range of food choices. There may be different options each week, but the line-up may include Get Baked, Teppanyaki Infusion, The God Shack, Cen Cal Pizza Trolley, Cinnamon Roll Shack, and more. There really is something for everyone.

Grace Fedor (center) of Graceful Bakes peddles her delicious cookies.

This week I made the rounds, and I was delighted to meet of a few of the new vendors and sample their products. Grace Fedor, a Reedley College Business student, is using the Farmers Market as an opportunity to sell some product and get some name recognition for her new small business, Graceful Bakes. I sampled a few of her cookies, and she’s off to a great start. About the market, Fedor said, “It’s a good opportunity for me to get my business out there, and it’s a lot of fun.”

The Reedley College farmers market is more than just a place to purchase fresh produce and enjoy good food. It is a community gathering place where people can come together and connect with their neighbors. The market provides a space for people to relax, unwind, and enjoy the company of others in a safe, outdoor environment.

Mao’s Family Farm had succulent, sweet strawberries for sale.

For small farmers and food artisans, the Reedley College farmers market provides a crucial source of income. Farmers markets allow these entrepreneurs to bypass the traditional distribution system, which often favors larger, more established businesses. By selling directly to consumers at farmers markets, small farmers and food artisans can earn a fair price for their products and build a loyal customer base.

“The perk of shopping local is you get it [produce] fresh the day of the market,” say owners of Mao’s Family Farms, another favorite of mine. They sell wonderful veggies that I take home and cook for dinner over the next day or two. This visit I bought some beautiful red beets and cooked them up, added a little rice vinegar, salt, and pepper, and had a delicious, healthy side for my dinner.

Mr. Dale van Dam (center) poses with two Reedley College STEM Club students. Kids and adults alike will enjoy the science fun at the STEM table at each Farmer’s Market.

The Reedley College farmers market is also an opportunity for the community to learn about the benefits of sustainable agriculture and food production. By engaging with local farmers and food producers, consumers can gain a deeper understanding of the environmental and social impacts of their food choices. This knowledge can empower consumers to make more informed choices about the food they eat, and the businesses they choose to support. “One part of our mission is to connect with our community,” Dale Van Dam, Vice President of Instruction.

You still have a few more weeks to get over the Reedley College and enjoy the market. Every Thursday from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. until June 15, 2023.

Editor’s Note: Zolú Café, who we wrote about in February, also has a booth at the Farmers Market to sell her coffee. You can learn more about her coffee on her website and find her on Instagram! But better yet, head out the Farmers Market at Reedley college and come home with some great locally owned coffee!

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Jim Mulligan was born and raised in Selma. He has been employed in Reedley on and off for the last twenty-plus years. He married his college sweetheart, a Reedley-ite, Kristi. They now reside in Reedley amongst their children and grandchildren. Bonsai, traveling the world both near and far, and motorcycling take up most of his free time.


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