Graceful Bakes: Bringing Delicious Baked Sweets to Reedley

by Lorie Lewis Ham

Earlier this year KRL wrote about a young woman named Natalie Cruz from Reedley who started her own coffee company, Zolú Café. When I attended the Reedley Farmers Market at Reedley College a few weeks ago to meet Natalie in person and finally try her coffee for myself (which is awesome by the way), I also met another young Reedley woman who had started her own business—Grace Fedor.

Aimee’s Vanilla Bean Bakery in Selma

by Destiney Warren

When Aimee’s Vanilla Bean Bakery opened in 2014, it was some of the biggest news in Selma...we are a relatively small town so new businesses are exciting! Since then Aimee’s has stayed a staple in the downtown that has welcomed some new businesses and said farewell to others. Situated on the corner of McCall and High Street, it’s one of the first storefronts you see when entering the downtown. The friendly window decorations and writing that states “Cupcakes” with a heart and then “Candy” invites you in to indulge or to satisfy a craving.

Great Food Search: Cupcakes

by Terrance Mc Arthur

It used to be that cupcakes were made by mom’s for class parties or mass-produced by the Hostess Company. Now, the cupcake has become a specialty niche, with shops specializing in the single-serving-size treats. This month, The Great Food Search has risked life and digestion to bring you samples of the Valley’s variety of micro-cakes.

New Bakery Opens in Porterville

by Sarah Herrera

The artist’s hands move quickly but accurately as she molds together dozens of bright blue, pink and yellow miniature sculptures, adding details into each figure. Today’s masterpiece: a topsy-turvy Tinker Bell cake for a 13-year-old’s birthday party.