Ryne Preheim

Immanuel Football 2013 Season

by Ryne Preheim

This year of Immanuel Football has kicked off to a great start. With the addition of some new faces, the Eagles squad is set to do better than ever. After the 2012 season finished the Eagles offense knew they would have to replace the star power that Sam Isaak brought to the running back position, while also filling some key spots on the line. Their entire offense needed to be shaped once again by the incoming talent the Eagles had coming into the year.

Light Blue by The Unbelievable: EP Review

by Ryne Preheim

Light Blue
by The Unbelievable, Karlo Muro's creation, is one of the best self-made albums I have ever heard. Every time I listened to one of his songs, I felt as if I was being told a story that kept me intrigued the entire time, it kept me involved, and often awestruck at the visuals he gave in just one song. I could listen to his music anywhere, whether it be resting on the couch reading a book, or even just in my room when I'm trying to get things done. His album is full of wonderful songs and masterpieces; it's hard to just pick one.

This Year’s Immanuel Basketball

by Ryne Preheim

This year's Immanuel Boys Basketball team has acquired new members to their staff and team. Josh Justin (Immanuel Biology teacher) and Nate McClurg are new additions to this year's varsity head coaching staff. The team has also acquired some new players: C.J. Dodd: Point Guard and Chris Baily: Guard, Forward Lance Henderson: Forward, Guard.

Zero Dark Thirty: Movie Review

by Ryne Preheim

Zero Dark Thirty is a slow-paced, political and military filled informational movie. The movie starts out in Pakistan with an interrogation scene between Dan (Jason Clarke, Public Enemies, Lawless) and an Al Qaeda informant. Into the interrogation you meet the main character of the film Maya (Jessica Chastain, The Help, Tree of Life). From this point you will follow Maya and her search for information leading to the capture or death of Osama Bin Laden.