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Mar 16, 2013 | 2013 Articles, Education, Reedley News, Ryne Preheim, Sports

by Ryne Preheim

As we get closer and closer to the start of the major league baseball season, KRL continues to feature local baseball.

As Spring comes into view, and the flowers start to bloom, every Immanuel student is aware of the time…Baseball Season.

This season’s team comes with some new additions to their roster that are sure to make an impact in the team’s standings this year. Even though the regular season starts in late February, they have been preparing since early October of last year, not just with the players, but also the field itself. Coach Josh Franco had this to say. “We’ve been working on this field since early October of last year, a lot of guys have put a lot of heart and soul into getting this thing finished.”

David Beckenhauer sliding into third base against Orange Cove HS

The definite highlight of this year’s baseball team is the starting pitching rotation with two needed additions, San Joaquin Memorial transfer Adam Aleman and Central transfer Michael Foglio.

I asked Coach Franco who would be his team’s ace this year and he had this to say, “Well with Adam and Michael coming on to the roster our rotation looks phenomenal, but our go-to-guy is our three year veteran Eric Langdon.”

Adam Aleman scoring from 2nd base against Orange Cove HS

I later interviewed Eric who is a junior and a good friend of mine. I first asked him how this year’s pitching differs from last year. “With an eight man pitching group,” says Eric, “it takes a lot of stress off the starters. Last year’s team, we weren’t as deep pitching wise.” I also asked Eric who he thought the toughest competition would be this year, and he said “Well, CVC and Exeter will probably be our toughest competition. Dinuba and Kingsburg will probably be average, but CVC hasn’t lost many guys and they are always strong.”

This year’s Immanuel baseball team is looking good; so come out this year and root for our Immanuel Eagles!

Ryne Preheim is a junior at Immanuel High School, he enjoys acting, and improv comedy. He has acted for four years now mostly for the Immanuel High School drama program. He has lived in Reedley his entire life. He is the son of Paul and Candi Preheim and has three siblings, Mallory, Courtney, and Hayley.


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