Immanuel Football 2013 Season

Sep 28, 2013 | 2013 Articles, Education, Reedley News, Ryne Preheim, Sports, Teens

by Ryne Preheim

This year of Immanuel Football has kicked off to a great start. With the addition of some new faces, the Eagles squad is set to do better than ever. After the 2012 season finished the Eagles offense knew they would have to replace the star power that Sam Isaak brought to the running back position, while also filling some key spots on the line. Their entire offense needed to be shaped once again by the incoming talent the Eagles had coming into the year.

2013 Immanuel Football game

Khalil Montgomery was the answer to the running back hole, a former division 1 Clovis West half back, Khalil joined the Immanuel squad with his brother Da’ Vaughn after moving into the Reedley area. Khalil has speed and acceleration, something that this Immanuel squad needed in order to have a successful season. He has been running over defensive lineman so far this season, averaging about 100 yards a game. I was able to chat for a bit with Khalil and this is what he had to say.

Ryne: So how’s your time at Immanuel been so far?

Khalil: It’s been great! Everyone has just welcomed me in and made me feel at home!

Ryne: What is the transition like switching from a D1 school like Clovis West over to Immanuel?

Khalil: You know, it takes you back a little, it feels more like a family, everyone just cares about you, I didn’t always get that over there.

Ryne: Thanks Khalil for the interview, anything else you’d like to add?

Khalil: I just want to say thank you to the Immanuel family for welcoming me.

I was also able to ask Coach Armstrong, who is returning from a 7-6 season with a round two playoff appearance, some questions.

Ryne: Hey coach, lets get right down to it, last season was a great one for the Immanuel squad, how do you think this season will compare to last?

Coach: Well, it is a little early to tell, right now we are sitting at 2-2, but we look strong, we are fast and we’re working hard, if these guys just have a heart for the game and keep pushing along, there’s nothing they can’t do.

Ryne: Khalil has some big shoes to fill, coming in for Sam Isaak after an all-star caliber year, how well do you think he’s living up to the position?

Coach: Well, Khalil is a D1 athlete, he’s had some experience with bigger teams, he knows how to handle himself, I think he will do just fine.

Ryne: Thanks coach, final question, last year, your team made a round two playoff appearance when you lost to Liberty Madera-Ranchos, how far do you think you’ll go this year?

Coach: Like I said before, it is a little early to tell, but I think we could go there if we keep playing at the pace we have right now.

Well, there you have it, Immanuel football is set to make a spectacular impact, don’t miss out on the action. Immanuel had an away game at Granite Hills on Friday the 27th and has another away game at Mission Prep on Oct. 4. Come out and support the eagle squad!

Ryne Preheim is a senior at Immanuel High School, he enjoys acting, and improv comedy. He has acted for four years now mostly for the Immanuel High School drama program. He has lived in Reedley his entire life. He is the son of Paul and Candi Preheim and has three siblings, Mallory, Courtney, and Hayley.


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