6 Great Christmas Movies To Watch With The Family

Aug 16, 2023 | 2023 Articles, Movies

by staff

Christmas is that time of year when families gather and old traditions are relived. One such popular ritual is the thrill of viewing wonderful Christmas films that dazzle us with tales of love, friendship, and the pure spirit of giving. These cinematic marvels have a magical way of enveloping us in a blanket of nostalgia, evoking childlike awe and simpler times.

We enjoy laughter, tears, and moments of sheer delight as we begin on a journey through the enchanting world of Christmas films, gathered around the television with loved ones. There’s a great Christmas movie for everyone in the family, from classics that have lasted the test of time to contemporary releases that capture the soul of modern celebrations.

In this blog, we list our top six picks for a Christmas movie marathon.

Let’s dive in!

1. A Christmas… Present (2022):

A Christmas… Present is a beautiful and engaging story that eloquently captures the actual essence of the holiday season. Maggie is a sympathetic and caring woman who begins on a journey to brighten the spirits of her niece and her brother, who are going through difficult times. With unlimited love and selflessness, Maggie sets out to make the most memorable and wonderful Christmas possible for her family.

Maggie, played by Candace Cameron Bure, the queen of Christmas, desires stronger connections within her family and wants to console her widowed brother. She discovers the transformative power of forgiveness, the beauty of second chances, and the priceless joy of creating lasting memories with loved ones through beautiful events and the unexpected gift of newfound friendships.

A Christmas… Present serves as a heartbreaking reminder that the most valuable gifts we can give are the boundless love and connection we share with family and friends.

2. The Elf (2003):

Elf, the joyful Christmas classic, transports you to a world where holiday magic meets modern humor. This iconic film, starring Will Ferrell as Buddy the Elf, has seamlessly knitted itself into the fabric of holiday traditions, enthralling audiences young and old alike.

In this delightful story, we follow Buddy, a human raised by elves at the North Pole. Curious and full of youthful wonder, Buddy embarks on an astonishing journey to New York City to reconcile with his biological father. Buddy’s infectious enthusiasm and purity touch the lives of everyone he meets as he navigates the hectic city streets with his unwavering festive spirit. Elf is a reminder of spreading Christmas cheer and appreciating the childish wonder we all have hidden within us.

3. A Christmas Carol (2009):

The timeless story of Ebenezer Scrooge comes to life through stunning animation and Jim Carrey’s extraordinary voice abilities in this delightful version of Charles Dickens’s renowned novella. As the frightening ghosts of Christmas past, present, and yet to come visit the miserly Scrooge, he embarks on a transformative trip that will permanently change his life.

Set against the backdrop of a Victorian Christmas, the film delves deep into Scrooge’s loneliness and anger, gradually revealing the reasons behind his frigid demeanor. Scrooge revisits his past, watches the festive celebrations of the present, and meets the foreboding shadows of the future through dramatic interactions with the spirits. A Christmas Carol tells us that love, kindness, generosity, and hope can positively change even the most cold-hearted people.

4. The Polar Express (2004):

Step on board the fascinating train of imagination as it weaves through the icy landscapes of this enthralling animated movie. It is based on Chris Van Allsburg’s beloved children’s book. The Polar Express transports viewers of all ages to the North Pole, where the magic of Christmas comes to life.

The touching story follows a young child who, on a lovely Christmas Eve, comes into a mysterious train standing outside his door. He starts on an astonishing journey to the North Pole, fueled by curiosity and a glimpse of hope. Along the journey, he meets a colorful cast of individuals. He learns essential lessons about the strength of faith, the beauty of friendship, and the true spirit of Christmas.

As the train moves forward, the picture masterfully portrays the essence of childish awe and the enduring allure of believing in something greater than ourselves. It reminds us that the joy of Christmas is found not only in gifts and festivities but also in the wonder of believing and the warmth of community.

5. It’s A Wonderful Life (1946):

In the charming and timeless classic It’s a Wonderful Life, we join George Bailey on an emotional journey that tugs at the emotions. George is a caring and likable man whose life turns unexpectedly when an angel intervenes. This celestial visitor gives him a unique viewpoint by displaying a parallel universe in which George never lived.

As we follow George’s struggles and disclosures, the film masterfully depicts the enormous impact one person can have on the lives of millions. It makes us consider the far-reaching consequences of our choices and the relationships we form throughout our lives. This touching story eloquently encapsulates the spirit of Christmas—the significance of family, the power of friendship, and the beauty of the season.

6. Home Alone (1990):

Prepare to be enchanted by the ageless charm of Home Alone. This touching and amusing holiday favorite has captivated families for decades. This charming picture depicts the mishaps of little Kevin McCallister, excellently portrayed by Macaulay Culkin, who is unintentionally left behind as his family goes on a Christmas vacation.

Kevin begins on a voyage of self-discovery as he faces the hardships of living at home alone, realizing his inner power and ingenuity. He skillfully puts up a series of booby traps to outsmart two hilariously stupid burglars armed with cleverness and imagination.

Home Alone hits our hearts with its strong message of family, love, and the true spirit of Christmas beyond the laugh-out-loud humor and action-packed episodes. Kevin’s journey from feeling abandoned to appreciating the value of family and unity is extremely inspiring.

Bottom Line:

This holiday season, gather your family and enjoy the charm of Christmas films. From timeless classics like A Christmas Carol and It’s A Wonderful Life to recent favorites like Elf and A Christmas… Present, each film teaches something new about love, faith, and the joy of giving. Watch these films, and allow the warmth, laughter, and joy of being together to fill your hearts with these beautiful stories.

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