Four-Leaf Felony By Tonya Kappes: Review/Giveaway

May 14, 2022 | 2022 Articles, Kathleen Costa, Mysteryrat's Maze

by Kathleen Costa

Details at the end of this post on how to enter to win an ebook copy of Four-Leaf Felony, and a link to purchase it from Amazon.

Violet Rhinehammer never made a secret of her desire to escape the small town confines of Normal, Kentucky, and hit the big time. Her work as the local reporter for Channel Two news included her own television newscast, “Good Day in the Park,” referring to the fact Normal was surrounded by Daniel Boone National Forest, and writing for the local newspaper, but she’d rather not be reporting on new park trails, local re-enactments, or safety tips during hunting season. She wants to be a real reporter, so you could always find her snooping around or helping out the police for that one big story hoping one day it would capture the attention of the national networks. This didn’t always endear her to the locals, her friends, and family often putting her in opposition of issues of privacy and accuracy, and she’d given up anything resembling a private life. But, a dream is a dream…Hello, Opportunity knocking!

Four-Leaf Felony Earns 5/5 Green Hankies…Entertaining Fun!

Destiny awaits…
It was just a four-hour flight, and Violet’s years of training as an on-camera reporter, perfecting the smile, she knew feigning interest was a valuable skill when dealing with a proud grandmother’s stories of her grand babies. Nonetheless, politely excusing herself to use the bathroom provided her a bit of a break. She grabbed the knob of the facility and opened. Violet had never before been at a loss for words, but found a way to eke out “Dead body. Blood.”

One week earlier…
It was an accident, but spilling her latte on the man behind her, just might be the proverbial “opportunity knocking.” Richard Stone was impressed with everything but Violet’s last name, and offered her the break she’d dreamed of…an interview…in California…in one week.

Back on the flight from hell…
The pilot saw the dead body and announced the necessity for “a quick landing” at Holiday Junction. The flight attendant manipulated Violet into checking the body for ID by mentioning this could be her big scoop and getting in before the police shut it down was a reality. Ok, catering to Violet’s ego…that works! The plane lands, the police arrive, and Violet discovers she’s going to be detained for a few days. No! My big break lost. But, when she calls her prospective boss about the delay, he’s got a different approach. We’ll go live with a “Murder in the Sky” report…her big break is back on! Violet Rhinehammer, International Correspondent!

Stranded in Holiday Junction…
Rhett Strickland, the police chief’s nephew, is infuriating, and when Violet arrives in town, she’s shocked to find it all decked out for St. Patrick’s Day festivities. The town’s notoriety comes from the fact they go overboard for all the holidays attracting many tourists, but murder may be another draw since a second person has been found dead, also a member of a local Hibernian Society and oddly possessing the same shamrock pocket square as the man on the plane. With a glowing recommendation from Sheriff Hemmer in Normal, Kentucky, it looks like Chief Strickland is going to recruit Violet’s help in exchange for full access and her big scoop, but she doesn’t endear herself with the locals, Rhett is more of a mystery, and the opportunity to show off her skills runs into some obstacles.

New series is a “four-leaf” gem…
Tonya Kappes has introduced a delightful spin-off of her popular A Camper and Criminals Cozy Mystery Series! Violet Rhinehammer is brought out of a secondary role into the lead showcasing her skill as a reporter skill and perfecting investigating techniques in a multiple murder case. She helps uncover the un-holiday side of Holiday Junction with its secrets, jealousies, greed, and major conflicts along with lots of greening to be had. The mystery had a fun complexity, small town dynamics, and offered an entertaining challenge. Violet does become a victim of unfortunate headlines in the Junction Journal, which seemed karmic, but she is forced to accept at the end opportunity closing one door and opening another. Kappes’s writing style is descriptive always with fun banter and a plethora of diverse characters, and always a fun respite. Fans of A Camper and Criminals series will be delighted with a few guest appearances from Mae West, the quirky Laundry Club Ladies, and others from Normal, Kentucky, as Violet reaches out for assistance and insights. Fun new series!

Holiday Cozy Mystery
Four-Leaf Felony (April, 2022)
Mother’s Day Murder is set for a June 2 release. (Preorder HERE) It’s Mother’s Day and Violet is covering all the local events, but she’s not alone…her mother is visiting. Violet tries to ingratiate herself with the locals to use their tidbits in the gossip column she’s writing under “anonymous” in the Junction Journal. But, one member in the gossip circles is found dead, and Violet’s mother is the number one suspect.

Be a Big Tonya Kappes Fan!
USA Today bestselling author Tonya Kappes pens a variety of series. along with the Camper & Criminals Cozy series, she also has a Mail Carrier Cozy Mystery, but you can also get exciting ghostly-, magical-, and caffeinated-themed series. For ghosts, she has Ghostly Southern Mystery and Kenni Lowry series. Add some magic with her Southern Magical Mystery, Magical Cures Mystery, and Spies and Spells series. And finally, get a little caffeinated with this marvelous Killer Coffee Mystery. She also has an enjoyable online presence and various events enticing fans to gather to talk, share, and partake in the fun!

Facebook – Author Tonya Kappes
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Kathleen Costa is a long-time resident of the Central Valley, and although born in Idaho, she considers herself a “California Girl.” Graduating from CSU-Sacramento, she is 35+ year veteran teacher having taught in grades 1-8 in schools from Sacramento to Los Angeles to Stockton to Lodi. Currently Kathleen is enjoying year 2 of retirement revitalizing hobbies along with exploring writing, reading for pleasure, and spending 24/7 with her husband of 26+ years.

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