Kathleen Costa

Murder at the Royal Albert By Gerald Elias: Review/Giveaway/Interview

by Kathleen Costa

Gerald Elias’ eighth book in his Daniel Jacobus Mystery series takes readers into the world of symphonies, violinists, Mahler’s Sixth, murder, and more. Well-written with engaging wit, Elias presents a complex murder mystery with a fascinating, yet complicated character in Daniel Jacobus whose unique set of skills are heightened by the fact he’s blind. He knows the concert community well since he himself is a violinist, so his insights, knowledge, and other four senses are invaluable to the newest investigation.

A Fatal Groove By Olivia Blacke: Review/Giveaway/Interview

by Kathleen Costa

Juniper Jessup is her full name, but she’s mostly called Juni by friends and family, and the failure of her career with a tech company, revealed a silver lining. She returned home to Cedar River, Texas, and with her two older siblings,Tansy and Magnolia (It’s Maggie!), they revitalized the family’s record shop that had closed down in 2005 when vinyl lost its popularity.

Endeavour, The Last Season On PBS

by Kathleen Costa

PBS stations, like KVIE (Sacramento/Stockton), KQED (San Francisco), and KVPT (Fresno), provide viewers with a variety of programs including some of the most iconic mysteries and crime dramas. There’s VERA, Death in Paradise, Annika, Grantchester, Father Brown, Shakespeare & Hathaway, and so much more, including Endeavour, the popular prequel to the iconic Inspector Morse series.

Take the Honey and Run By Jennie Marts: Review/Giveaway/Interview

by Kathleen Costa

Bailey Jeanne Briggs, Bailes to her close friends, is a popular mystery writer and, with her twelve-year-old daughter Daisy and golden retriever Cooper in tow, she’s heading to Humble Hills, Colorado, to visit her near seventy-year-old grandmother Blossom Briggs, loving dubbed Granny Bee, who is currently hobbling in a medical boot. However, the tractor in front of them is impeding their journey, so they worry they’ll being late for Granny Bee’s weekly high tea, a faux pas Granny Bee is unlikely to overlook.

The Wayward Prince A Daughter of Sherlock Holmes Mystery By Leonard Goldberg: Review/Giveaway

by Kathleen Costa

Joanna Blalock is the result of a close relationship between Holmes and Irene Adler, and although Sherlock is no longer around, she, too, has a Dr. Watson, actually two of them. Dr. John Watson, her father’s close friend and chronicler of the Holmes’ cases, invited Joanna to join his detective team which introduced her to his son, Dr. John Watson Jr., director of pathology at St. Bart’s. One complex case led to another which led to Joanna and John becoming partners and good friends, then husband and wife.

AcornTV Streaming: The Brokenwood Mysteries Season Nine And Going Strong

by Kathleen Costa

AcornTV continues to provide me with hours of laughs, tears, gasps, and nods of interest … all in all big time entertainment I can stream anywhere, anytime, on any of my devices with excellent video and audio quality. With so many streaming options available, I consider my AcornTV membership well worth the cost. You can choose a $6.99 monthly fee or a special discount for an annual charge of $69.99.

A CATastrophic Neighborhood By Maryann Shanesy: Review/Giveaway

by Kathleen Costa

Although born Teresa, due to a childhood pronunciation faux pas, everyone knows her as Tarsey, and due to a fortunate greeting at a local coffee shop, she met Steve Quinston, a young attorney in the prosecutor’s office, and married him. Two years later, as they ponder starting a family, they seriously start looking for a more family-friendly environment, and due to an article in the paper about the “most desirable neighborhoods in the area,” the two are eager to exchange their loft for a home with all the best amenities and easy access to shopping, schools, and medical facilities.

Holding on AcornTV Streaming

by Kathleen Costa

Streaming is my new amusement, but there are so many options I had to consider before committing to a membership. Does it meet my entertainment needs? Is it a good value? Can I stream on any device? For me, AcornTV checked all the boxes. It is an Anglophile’s dream with an eclectic library of programs from all around the Commonwealth, from decades ago to current productions, from comedies and dramas to documentaries and foreign language.

The Isolated Séance An Irregular Detective Mystery By Jeri Westerson: Review/Giveaway/Guest Post

by Kathleen Costa
& Jeri Westerson

It’s 1895, London, and Timothy Badger, once a Baker Street Irregular, and his good friend, Benjamin Watson, have opened their own consulting detective agency following on the same path as Tim’s mentor … Sherlock Holmes. The duo currently lack clientele and do not have the most business-like accommodations to instill potential clients with confidence in their abilities, but what they lack in funds, they gain in street smarts and determination.