Berkey Water For Your Dogs

by Nichelle S.

Just like humans, close to 80% of dogs' bodies are made up of water. However, since their bodies are much smaller, compared to humans, contaminated water could be more harmful to dogs than humans. Dogs' illnesses has substantially increased over time, with most of these illnesses being caused by drinking contaminated water. The most effective way of minimizing those diseases is by giving your dogs purified drinking water. Don't you want to provide your dogs with the best water possible just as you do to your kids?

What Food & Drinks Can Keep You Cool in the Californian Heat?

by Sally Phillips

Californians don’t need to be told that it can get hot in California. Really hot. The highest temperature ever recorded here was 134 degrees. Although it might not always reach these extreme temperatures, but when it's hot and dry, it’s even more important to make sure you are looking after your body and giving it what it needs to keep cool.

The One-Gallon Shower

by Maria Ruiz

“Would you like hot water for your shower?” asked the man behind the desk.
I was registering for a hotel room in Calcutta and was surprised. No one had ever asked that before at a hotel. Especially as this was a well-known old hotel with a history as long as Britain had been in India.

Reedley Watering Holes

by Jim Bulls

It was every boy's dream to own a bike, expand your horizons of exploration or visit friends across town. The Cadillac of bicycles was the Schwinn Phantom with a springer front end. Mr. Parkinson was our Schwinn dealer in Reedley. His store was one of the last buildings on G Street with a board walk. It sat between Allied Equipment (the International Harvester dealer) and Enns' Pontiac used car lot--almost directly across from Harmony Home.


by Margaret Mendel & Diana Hockley

Water can easily be taken for granted. We turn on the faucet and water quickly runs from the tap. And when there are rows of bottled water in the grocery store it’s hard to believe that the fresh water we expect to always be there might someday become a scarce commodity. But that is exactly what scientists are beginning to predict.