Berkey Water For Your Dogs

May 7, 2022 | 2022 Articles, Pets

by Nichelle S.

Just like humans, close to 80% of dogs’ bodies are made up of water. However, since their bodies are much smaller, compared to humans, contaminated water could be more harmful to dogs than humans. Dogs’ illnesses has substantially increased over time, with most of these illnesses being caused by drinking contaminated water. The most effective way of minimizing those diseases is by giving your dogs purified drinking water. Don’t you want to provide your dogs with the best water possible just as you do to your kids?

Is Your Water Healthy?

Generally, tap water appears clean since the municipal council treats it before being released to our taps. But is it healthy for consumption? Even though the water is treated to remove immediate health threats, the purification process is insufficient to remove the minute chemical substances with detrimental effects on humans and animals. And that’s why most American households opt for commercially purchased water from various vendors across the nation. However, the quality and safety of the purchased water is in doubt.

How Do You Ensure Your Water is Safe?

The first step to ensuring the safety of your water is by testing your water. By doing so, you will determine the various harmful contaminants that could be dangerous to your dogs’ health. Secondly, you need to purify your water. You must ensure your water filter is effective in removing harmful contaminants from your water. If not satisfied with your water filters, then you might opt to replace the filters. Despite the availability of various water filters in the market, the highly recommended water filter is Berkey water filters. This type of filter can be used to purify water both for human and animal consumption.

Berkey Water Filters

Unhealthy water could be hazardous to your dogs. To ensure your water is safe and healthy, you need water filters to filter out the harmful contaminants from your tap water. One of the most effective water filters is the Berkey water filter system. Berkey water filters remove even the minute viruses and bacteria that conventional filters cannot remove from your water. The Berkey filters only leave healthy minerals such as calcium muchly needed by your dog for healthy growth.

Berkey Water Filter systems have the highest purification standards compared to other water filters. Besides, unlike other filters, the filter can remove contaminants from your tap water without using harsh chemicals such as chlorine and iodine. Instead, the water filter uses a unique ionic absorption technology to eradicate harmful and hazardous water contaminants. There are several types of Berkey water filter systems as listed below:

• Travel Berkey
• Big Berkey
• Berkey Light
• Royal Berkey
• Imperial Berkey
• Crown Berkey

All these filters have different specifications, including different holding capacity and number of filter elements. Besides, they differ in prices. To compare the prices and specifications, please check out the different Berkey Water Filters.

Benefits of Berkey Water Filters

High purification standards: Berkey Water Filters has surpassed the military set purification standards, yet many filters are yet to achieve the standards. Besides, all types of Berkey water filters can produce purified water that is healthy for your dogs’ consumption.

Cost-friendly: Berkey filters have cleanable water filtration elements that allow the Berkey system to produce 3000 gallons of purified water. This helps in avoiding replacement costs. Besides, the filters have a lifespan of over four years, which is much more than other filters offered in the

Flexibility: Berkey water filter has been designed to meet other needs other than filtering your dogs’ drinking water. Berkey waters are used by people preparing for disasters, individuals with access to outside water sources such as rivers and lakes, and emergency relief workers.

Gives you the chance to control your water safety: When you purchase your water from commercial vendors, you have no control over your water safety. Are the filters at the water filling stations maintained as required? Is the machine cleaned and sanitized regularly? You might not have the right answers to these questions. However, with your own Berkey water filter, you will be in charge of your filter system.

I bet your dogs will love the taste of Berkey filtered water. This will encourage the dogs to drink more water, and we all know water is life. However, despite giving them purified drinking water, it will be harmful if you don’t frequently clean their dishes. Cleaning the dishes will help keep mold and bacteria away. You and your family drink healthy water, and so should your dogs.

Make your dogs’ health a priority by giving them Berkey filtered water to drink.


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