Interview with Congressional Candidate Andrew Janz

Jul 7, 2018 | 2018 Articles, Community, Lorie Lewis Ham

by Lorie Lewis Ham

Andrew Janz is a candidate for Congress in District 22 in California who is running against Devin Nunes. While KRL doesn’t publicly endorse any candidates, I had the chance to meet Janz before the primary elections and I liked what I saw and heard so I decided to ask him some questions that I think our readers would be interested in. Some questions will be typical, and some may be ones you don’t hear asked all the time. To learn more about Andrew Janz and his stands on more of the issues you can visit his website, which I highly encourage you to do-an informed voter is the best kind of voter. I also encourage everyone who hasn’t yet, to register to vote. Voting is one of the most important things we can do as an American!

Editor’s Note: This interview was done before the current horrible situation at the borders with the migrant children being separated from their parents or else I would have asked about that situation as well.

KRL: The current administration has pulled back on some of the protections of wildlife-what is your position on animal welfare?

Janz: Protecting wildlife and our beautiful open spaces we have in the Central Valley should not be a partisan issue. We all want to leave a healthy, clean, and sustainable world to our children and grandchildren. I believe in respecting plants and animals and the golden rule of leaving your campsite or park in better shape than when you arrived.

andrew janz for congress

Andrew Janz

KRL: Do you feel like something should be done to help college students with their student loan debt? If yes, can you give some specifics of what you would advocate for?

Janz: My wife and I have substantial student loan debt. Our payments on our loans are costlier than our mortgage payments. Today, the amount of student loan debt that graduates carry has essentially created an age-tax on millennials affecting their ability to start a life and therefore hurting our economy. I strongly support loan forgiveness programs for those who go into public service. We also must address the biggest problem, which is college affordability. I will strongly support legislation that will reduce the cost of college for average Americans and help those of us who have graduated to significantly reduce the burden of student loan debt.

KRL: What is your position on the rights of the LGBT + community? Do you think there are any rights that they should be denied simply due to their sexual orientation?

Janz: I believe that all human beings deserve equal and fair treatment under the law, regardless of their age, gender, race, or sexual orientation. Additionally, we all deserve to live a life of dignity and respect.

KRL: What do you think should and can be done about the wage gap?

Janz: I believe the wage gap is holding back American families who are trying to make their American Dream a reality. The Federal Government should step in to correct the wage gap. If elected to Congress, I will support all legislation that addresses equal pay for equal work.andrew janz

KRL: What do you think can and should be done to address the growing problem of domestic violence? In Fresno County and on a national level.

Janz: Domestic violence is a major problem throughout California, especially in the Central Valley. In Fresno County, the rates of reported domestic violence calls are 63% higher than the state average. At the Fresno County District Attorney’s Office, where I work as a prosecutor, holding domestic batterers accountable under the law is a top priority. In Fresno County, organizations like the Marjaree Mason Center provide essential services and resources to victims of domestic violence. I believe we should promote strong working relationships between law enforcement and victim advocacy organizations like the Marjaree Mason Center, so that victims of domestic abuse feel safe to come forward and get help.

KRL: What do you think can be done to better help those who are in need of better Mental Health services?

Janz: Accessibility and availability of quality mental healthcare in the Valley is a serious problem, particularly in Tulare County. There is a high demand for affordable mental health care in the Valley, but there are not enough mental health professionals and/or providers who provide low-cost quality care. My wife is a licensed marriage and family therapist here in Fresno and she sees first-hand the need for more mental health services in the Valley. We need to make sure federal and state funding for programs such as Medi-Cal and Medicare are available so that low-income residents of the Valley and are able to receive affordable, quality mental healthcare when they need it.

KRL: What things do you feel should be done in the area of gun control?

Janz: As a gun owner myself, I understand how important it is to engage in responsible gun ownership. We need to make sure we have laws and regulations in place to prevent dangerous criminals and others who seek to harm themselves or others from obtaining guns. From a law enforcement perspective, we need a universal background check system so we know if criminals, gang members, and/or terrorists are attempting to purchase weapons.

KRL: What do you think makes you best suited to represent the interests of your District?

Janz: This district is my home. I want to continue representing my community as your member of Congress because I know what it takes to move our region forward and how to make our communities safe for our children and future generations. I have committed my life to public service and my record as a violent crimes prosecutor shows my commitment to Central Valley values. Working for working families will be my priority and I will continue to reject all corporate PAC money.

KRL: Do you have any specific priorities you would be focusing on in your first term?

Janz: As your member of Congress, I will tackle the tough issues related to water, immigration reform, and healthcare.

KRL: They say you can judge a person by their feelings about animals-Do you have any pets?

Janz: I have two amazing dogs named Robin and Rachel. They are very popular on the campaign trail and even inspired our dog bandanna merchandise and hashtag #DogsforDrew.andrew janz

Once again you can learn more about Andrew Janz on his website as well as find out where he will be appearing.

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