Tower District

Moon Over Buffalo On Stage At 2nd Space

by Terrance McArthur

Farce is a kind of comedy that often includes slapstick/physical action, leering innuendo, mistaken identities, and outrageous situations. One way to judge a farce is by how many doors are on the stage, and how often they slam open or shut. Count the doors on the set of The Good Company Players’ 2nd Space Theatre production of Ken Ludwig’s 1995 comedy Moon Over Buffalo—It’s a five-banger!

Rogue Reviews: Marty’s Turn/99 Dreams/Becoming a God for Fun and Profit/You’re Good for Nothing … I’ll Milk the Cow Myself/How to Be Wicked

by Terrance McArthur

Marty was a character in search of his own play, and Marty’s Turn is that play. Marc Gonzalez created Marty as a minor character for another script, but he was so loved by readers and actors that he gets his own chance to be the focus in the Fresno Rogue Performance Festival’s Hart's Haven.

Rogue Reviews: Delusions and Grandeur/Emil Amok, Lost NPR Host: Married to PETA & Other Untold Tales From an American Filipino Life/The Great Gorbolski

by Mallory Moad

A beautiful woman wearing an elegant black dress is seated onstage, devouring a sandwich like it’s her last meal on earth and talking with her mouth full. Thus begins the prologue for Delusions and Grandeur, a classical music/clown show hybrid from Karen Hall.

Rogue Reviews: Janice Noga: The Only Virgin in New York City/Booger Red/Music to Get Your Rogue On/Confessions of a Women’s Prison Guard/The Rogue Shows

by Terrance McArthur

Here are more Rogue show reviews, with still more to come over the next few days! You will be able to find all of our reviews, and our performer preview articles, and our article about Rogue 2024 in our Rogue Festival section here at KRL.

Rogue Review: The Jester of All Maladies

by Mallory Moad

Kurt Fitzpatrick is an actor. He’s also the survivor of cancer. But The Jester of All Maladies, Kurt’s solo show, is neither a disease-of-the-month chronicle nor a therapy show (in which the audience is subjected to the performer’s trials and tribulations in self-serving detail). What it is, is a side-splitting, thought-provoking celebration of living, and the events and people in Kurt’s journey that have allowed him to remain that way.