Profile of Noe Mendoza-RHS counselor

by Andraya Hamilton

Mr. Noe Mendoza is the counselor for the Class of 2013 seniors at Reedley High School. He has been a member of the RHS staff for six years, and a member of the Kings Canyon Unified School District for eight years in all. Mr. Mendoza attended Fresno High School and after graduation continued on to Fresno City College. He continued to further his education at San Diego Mesa College, and finally Fresno State University.

A Reedley High School Club Making A Difference For Hungry Children

by Lorie Lewis Ham

On the Reedley High School campus there are many different clubs of all shapes and sizes. French Club, Drama Club, GSA, FFA, Christian Club, Key Club---something for everyone to be a part of, and they all serve a purpose of some kind. One of the newer clubs on campus strives to do something bigger--something that reaches way beyond Reedley High, and even Reedley itself.

The Blab With DJ Reimer–The Latest News At RHS!

by D.J. Reimer

Change is among us at Reedley High School. Upperclassmen entered the parking lot on August 27, 2012 to discover an unprecedented tragedy: Ms. K is no longer with us. The Anglo-Saxon community at RHS briefly mourned her absence that Monday morning. Luckily, she is happy at her job at Reedley College, chasing the same kind of kids, just bigger and older. We wish her the best.

Help Bulldog Pride Change A Life

by Justin Kamimoto

It’s that time of the year where the birthday card comes in from Grandma and Grandpa and the posts of celebratory wishes appear on Facebook. That’s right! This guy just turned the big 19! Now on people's birthdays, everyone talks about the things that they want. While this bouquet of flowers would be nice to have and this bag would be great on my shoulder (LOL), I want this year to be a year of giving — for everyone. While on the ride home Sunday from a weekend of visiting family, I realized how great I have it in life. Have a roof over my head, food on the table and great family and friends.